Learning to Enjoy Being Single in my 20s

Learning to Enjoy Being Single in my 20s

I ended my year-long relationship at the end of 2016 and started this year single. After the initial disappointment of a broken relationship, I realized that breaking up with this person was the best way for me to get a clean start. And at only 21-years old, I have A LOT of time to enjoy this fresh break.

Contrary to what romantic comedies may suggest, being single isn’t all bad. Here are a few lessons I have learned since happily becoming single:

All of a sudden you have SO MUCH TIME
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Why do I have all this time to work on my blog and catch up with family? Did I just quit a second job? Drop a class? Nope, just dropped a relationship, that’s all. It might sound selfish, but being single gives you so much time to dedicate to yourself and your personal interests that you may have been distracted from.

You don’t have to apologize
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When you are single, your actions still have consequences but they don’t have the potential to wreck a romantic relationship. I’m not saying to go out and do crazy things, but when it’s just you do you have to apologize for opting to stay in or disagreeing with someone? No, you do not.

Cultivate the friendships you have now and turn them into life-long BFFs
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How many of your friends have you known for five or more years? Chances are, you have a few. These long-time friends tend to be the lifers, the ones who see you through the worst and gas you up for the best. Don’t let these friends go. Instead, plan trips with them, plan sleepovers, schedule weekly lunches so you don’t lose touch. 

Stop making excuses
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The other night my best friend texted me to tell me that I need to stop complaining about my current situation and making excuses for avoiding change. I need to be optimistic about the future because I’m the only one who can make it my “dream.” Yes, cheesy, but super empowering. So stop making excuses. Do, don’t wish.

Teach yourself that “Single” means “Independent”
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Being single isn’t a cause for self-pity or sorrow. Being single is an opportunity for you to be independent in every aspect of your life! Do things for you, become your own priority. Apply for that internship in Hollywood, buy those tickets to Coachella!

Meet yourself
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Being single also offers so many opportunities for introspection. I’m not talking about that cheesy “Eat, Pray, Love” level of self-searching. More like taking the time to think about who you are outside of a relationship. Become confident in that person once you figure it out!

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