Water filtration units increase ASI’s sustainability

Water filtration units increase ASI’s sustainability


Does wasted plastic from discarded water bottles grind your gears?

Are you a thermos or Nalgene owner who’s unsatisfied with the “tappy” taste of tap water?

With the installation of eight water filtering and dispensing units throughout the Bronco Student Center, Associated Students, Inc. now provides clean water for the environmentally conscious student  – all while becoming an even greener and environmentally responsible organization itself.

The installation of five Elkay units and three Brita Hydration Stations corresponds to sustainability goals outlined in ASI’s Strategic Initiatives and Measureable Objectives to be completed by 2014.

Ideally, the convenience and availability of filtered water will help encourage students to reuse plastic bottles more often or invest in thermoses to eliminate the use of bottled water all together and decreased the frequency of wasted plastic.

The Elkay units displays a ticker that keeps track of the number of 12-ounce plastic bottles that have been “saved” through the units’ usage. Filters for these units need replacement after 3,000 gallons of clean water have been produced.

The Brita Hydration Stations, outfitted with sensors that activate water flow to eliminate contact between users and the device, use filters that only need replacement after 2,500 gallons of water have been harvested.


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    Finally! It was hard to find a place on campus to refill my bottle. I’d resulted to getting water at Starbucks, but the water dispenser wasn’t always full, or the room itself is too crowded. Much better.

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    Louise Le

    That’s awesome! I started using a Contigo bottle this summer and the initiative has really made me feel better about the bottles I have saved in my car! I’m so excited to be able to fill my bottle easily with these filter systems!

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