Bronco Spirit Night starts off on the right hoof

Bronco Spirit Night starts off on the right hoof


The first Associated Students, Inc. Bronco Spirit Night of the summer orientation sessions kicked off on the night of July 6 with approximately 400 of Cal Poly Pomona’s newest students packing the Bronco Student Center.

“If you looked around, most of them were socializing with each other,” said Karlo Arenas, an ASI Bronco Events and Activities Team advisor. “I mean, they just wanted to talk to each other, hang out and find common interests.”

For all orientation students who will attend subsequent Bronco Spirit Nights this summer, the event is essentially a mini version of the quarterly Midnight Madness event.

The majority of the orientation participants were drawn to the Games Room Etc. where they enjoyed free games of pool, ping pong and mini bowling.

A DJ was also set up in the room and attracted the attention of many students who began dancing during the latter portion of the program.

“I’m pretty psyched; that was cool,” said Jeffery Her, an incoming apparel merchandising and management student who was one of the many students who gravitated toward the dance floor. “I especially like the Games Room.”

Another dancer and incoming hospitality management student, Crystal Weber, said she would be interested in joining BEAT to help manage programs and activities for students.

“I was in my school’s ASB and I loved just getting involved in planning the dances and everything,” she said.

Other students expressed interest in ASI for its employment possibilities.

“I really want to join ASI and get a job here because I was worried I was going to get a job off of campus and commute,” said Liz Fernandez, an incoming education student who said she would like to work for the Bronco Fitness Center or intramurals program.

The Centaurus Room was packed with new students and orientation leaders alike, who watched and participated in karaoke.

The Center Court Study Lounge attracted students who sought a fun – but more quiet – escape from the bustle and excitement happening around them.

They played board games, cards and some drew internet memes with stunning accuracy on a giant sheet of butcher paper.

Overall, students felt compelled to get involved with not just ASI, but other campus organizations – an opportunity presented to them the following day during the club fair.

“I liked the music and community feeling,” said Eleanor Guenon, an incoming animal health science student, about Bronco Spirit Night. “I want to join a sorority and I’m going to join the pre-vet club and equestrian club.”

Hunter Sanzeri, an incoming animal health science student, had a similar sentiment.

“I want to join a lot of clubs and maybe play intramurals,” said Sanzeri, who added that flag football appealed to him.

There are 289 student clubs and organizations at Cal Poly Pomona and many are common interest organizations such as the Neo Anime Club, Archery Club and Ultimate Frisbee Club.

Of course, students aren’t obligated to get involved with clubs and organizations pertaining to just their major: Students are able to criss-cross their varied interests through clubs for a more well-rounded education and college experience.