ASI On the Fly Ep. 2

Hello, Broncos!

Here are some details on new productions from Student Government.

Advocacy and Statewide Impact:

Lobby Corps, our advocacy branch, has 17 members and is still growing. We met with state and local legislators about topics like food insecurity, displaced students and tuition. We also formed task forces to address specific issues on campus, such as establishing a Dream Center and developing a food pantry.

Spirit and Collaboration:
Spirit Week has been renamed Bronco Spirit Week and is in development in partnership with councils, clubs, the University and Foundation. We’re hoping to create a new tradition! Also, the Bronco Events and Activities Team (BEAT) has been engaging in collaborations with student organizations and reaching out to provide support beyond just funding. The Last Lecture Series is also in development; students will be able to connect with faculty in a new way when listening to them give a lecture on whatever topic they desire as if it were their last.

Thanks to a creative group of students, an application was submitted for the Greenovation fund. If successful, a new, green project will be funded that has the potential of making Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) a more sustainable campus! We’ve also been working on marketing our own fund for sustainable projects, The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF). Additionally, we have created a system for reporting broken sprinklers on campus and will be performing a waste audit of the Bronco Student Center (BSC) in winter quarter to investigate the potential for implementing composting in the facility.

The Transportation Advisory Committee is fully established and has been having meetings.  This committee works to address current student concerns with Parking and Transportation and develop viable solutions. It is also developing recommendations on how to move forward with providing better support to alternative modes of transportation.


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Thank you and see you next quarter!