Small Businesses to Support this Holiday Season

Small Businesses to Support this Holiday Season

During the holidays, many of us find ourselves in a giving mood. We head to the nearest malls, brave the packed parking lots, deal with crazy drivers and hustle through crowded stores in search of the perfect gift. Avoid all of that this year and support some of these small businesses instead:
A Shop Called Quest
Inside view of A Shop Called Quest
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A Shop Called Quest is not your average comic book store. I was instantly hooked by the shop’s name which is a clever homage to hip-hop greats, A Tribe Called Quest, but their collection of graphic novels, classic comic books, art magazines like Juxtapoz and Pop! Vinyl collectibles make it such a neat place to do your holiday shopping for that artsy friend of yours. Head to the nearest location in Claremont Village.

Buffalo Exchange
Model posing in Buffalo Exchange clothes
Image via Buffalo Exchange Twitter

Buffalo Exchange is a family run thrift shop that has been a big name in thrifting circles for over 40 years. You can find quality clothing for a relatively low price or trade in your own clothes. Buffalo Exchange has a reputation for stocking great vintage finds, so make sure to visit if you’re looking for your next statement piece. Find the nearest location to you here.

Cellar Door Books
Nighttime view of Cellar Door Books
Image via Cellar Door Books Facebook

It may seem like Barnes and Noble’s have edged out all the quaint, mom-and-pop bookstores of our youth, but Cellar Door Books in Riverside is still thriving. The independent bookstore hosts storytimes, writing circles and meet and greets with local authors. Make sure to visit Cellar Door because nothing beats browsing through the shelves of a cozy bookstore.

An original Freshbot tee
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Freshbot is the creation of Inland Empire (IE) based graphic designer, Daniel Martinez. Freshbot is a side project of his specializing in streetwear tees, hoodies, dad caps and stickers. He’s just getting started so if you want to snag one of his products, you can browse the online shop here.

Goldkills coffee mug
Image via Goldkills Instagram

Goldkills is a well established and locally renowned streetwear brand out of the IE. They’ve expanded beyond tees and caps to include hoodies, jerseys, stickers, mugs, flags… I mean, the list goes on. View Goldkill’s Instagram for a feel of the brand. Bonus: if you want to surprise a friend living outside of the United States, they ship worldwide.

Mrs. Tiggy Winkles Gift Shop
tiggy winklesJPG
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One of the cutest novelty shops I’ve ever laid eyes on is Mrs. Tiggy Winkles in Downtown Riverside. You can find prank gifts, mints with sassy labels, literature-themed cocktail books, handmade jewelry from local artists and a whole assortment of random things. What did you expect from a shop with a cute name like that, honestly?


Natali Koromoto
Natali Koromoto's original pastel prints
Image via Natali Koromoto Tumblr

Look at these prints, just look. I dare you to tell me they aren’t cute. Surprise the art collector in your life with original prints from artist Natali Koromoto. You can find all her prints online and browse her shop for sweaters and pins featuring her custom designs. 

Philadelphia Printworks
Cats Against Catcalling Tee
Image via Philadelphia Printworks

You can put your spirit of activism on full display this season with gifts from Philadelphia Printworks. The company was founded on a DIY aesthetic with the goal to spread their message of social justice and activism. From their Cats Against Catcalling collection to School of Thought, you’re bound to find gifts for your faves.

Zoinks Records
A man digs through a crate of vinyls at Zoinks Records
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Downtown Pomona was obviously going to make it on this list, duh. When it comes to record stores, the best one has to be  Zoinks RecordsThe staff is super friendly and you won’t be totally overwhelmed by walls of records when you walk in. It doesn’t matter if you’re in search of a punk record from Black Flag or a David Bowie reissue, you’re not going to leave empty handed.

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