Spending Thanksgiving with a Huge Family

Spending Thanksgiving with a Huge Family

Growing up in a large family has its downs—like taking up multiple tables every time the whole family goes out to eat—but it also has its ups, like turning the holidays into a big, family reunion. Below are some truths anyone who has spent the holidays with their huge family knows to be true.

It gets real loud, real quick
Waitress rolls her eyes in frustration
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Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the OTHER conversations going on at the table.

If you don’t grab your favorite family member when you walk in, you may not see them for the rest of the night
Lilo asks Stitch not to leave her
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You know you have that one family member that is basically your second half. And you know it’s the worst thing ever when the two of you get separated. Don’t do it; stay close.

Your face when someone says it’s just a “small get-together”
Rhianna giving mean side-eye
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What is that, 20, 30 cousins? I haven’t even started counting my aunts and uncles yet.

The idea of your whole family fitting at one table is laughable.
Drake laughing
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You know those Pinterest photos of families happily sitting at one table? That is a lie. Try three tables and an assortment of folding chairs.

Zooey Deschanel is overwhelmed by food
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Look, with each family member bringing their own dish you know you’re going to spend the whole day (and night) eating. And we’re definitely cool with that.

You’re going to have to give updates on your life to about 50 people throughout the course of the night
Britney Spears does not look impressed
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Realistically, you have two options: prepare handouts with your life achievements printed on them or make a general announcement at the head of the table. Your call.

Which also means you’re going to be dodging the same questions all night long
A guy tries to hide behind a large hat
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Your family means well but you know this inevitably awkward trio of questions is coming: “When do you graduate?” “Do you know what you want to do after you graduate?” “Are you dating?”

You have to leave at least an hour early just so you can say “goodbye” to everyone
A girl throws the peace sign and walks away
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And no, a general “bye” as you’re booking it out the door is NOT an option.

Lastly, spending Thanksgiving with your huge family means that you’re ultimately surrounded by more people to share those warm holiday feels with
A man is swarmed by his huge group of in-laws
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