BroncoFusion 2016 ft. Carnage

BroncoFusion 2016 ft. Carnage

Each year, Broncos eagerly await the arrival of the highly anticipated back-to-school concert  hosted by ASI’s Bronco Events and Activities Team (BEAT): BroncoFusion. The concert took place on Friday, September 23 at Bronco Commons. This year’s headliner was festival favorite, Carnage with special guest Super Duper Kyle.

A student gets the best view of Carnage on top of someone's shoulders

The back to school festivities started early with a resource fair on Wednesday, September 21 in the Bronco Student Center (BSC, Bldg. 35) where students could pick up an ASI student planner for the academic school year and learn more about the programs and services available to them. Students were also invited to attend a club fair on Friday, September 23 hours before the event.

Students roamed Bronco Commons during club fair

“The biggest perk of tabling during BroncoFusion is the exposure,” said fourth-year computer information system student, Matthew Sprengel. “It was awesome to see so many students interested in clubs and organizations on campus.”

At 8 p.m., students began to line up around Bronco Commons, itching to get inside to try the many food trucks, check out the setup and snag the perfect spot for Carnage’s set.

Dos Chinos food truck made an appearance.

Students were given light-up bracelets at the door, compliments of ASI, and ushered to Bronco Commons, which had been transformed into the perfect outdoor concert venue. Opening acts included electronic DJ Ocean Roulette and rapper Super Duper Kyle.

CPP student Louis Garcia doubled as opening act Ocean Roulette
CPP student Louis Garcia takes the stage as Ocean Roulette.

Super Duper Kyle infused BroncoFusion with his signature energy.
Super Duper Kyle serenades fans in the front row.

“It was really nice that they [BEAT] were able to put on an event like this on a budget,” said third-year philosophy student, Rosario Jones. “I think it’s pretty amazing for Cal Poly to do this.”

Carnage took to the stage, much to the awe of CPP students.
The much-anticipated event of the night: headliner Carnage.

“It’s really cool to see everyone get into this [BroncoFusion]. It definitely gives us pride to be Broncos,” said third-year philosophy student Jasmin Diaz.

Be sure to check out our interview with Super Duper Kyle and video recap of BroncoFusion coming soon to ASI TV!