ASI Introduces “You Belong Here” to CPP

ASI Introduces “You Belong Here” to CPP

Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) was founded on the idea of creating an inclusive environment for students by students, to learn, grow and participate on campus, or as its vision statement says, becoming an organization dedicated to “enhancing the student experience.”

A student spins the prize wheel at orientation.
This summer, ASI’s Marketing, Design and Public Relations (MDPR) department introduced the 2016-2017 “You Belong Here” campaign to incoming freshmen and transfer students. The goal of the campaign is to stress how instrumental students are to ASI.  With the introduction of “You Belong Here”, ASI wants students to know that not only are they included, but they are needed.
Throughout the summer, MDPR’s orientation team, The Fab Five, shared a presentation with incoming Broncos about the many opportunities for student involvement through ASI. “Providing ‘You Belong Here’ resonated with [new students] because they came up to our table and were eager to join ASI,” explained Fab Five member, Bianca Ornelas. “The presentation really made them feel like they’re part of this big family.”

The concept for the “You Belong Here” campaign came from Patricia Guevarra, lead student writer/editor of ASI MDPR. “When my colleagues and I were tasked with creating and pitching a new ASI campaign for the 2016-17 school year, I thought about what I would want to see and hear if I was a new student on campus. As someone who used to be the typical commuter student, I never felt like I had a real connection to CPP before I joined ASI, so when I did my research and found that only 44 percent of high school students felt positive about going to college, I knew that ASI had an obligation to boost that number to 100 and make every Bronco that steps onto this campus feel like they belong here, because they do,” Guevarra said. “ASI’s vision statement is ‘enhancing the student experience’, and that starts with fostering a sense of belonging so that students never feel  isolated at a place that should serve as their second home.

In an effort to reach out to students and help them find their belonging on campus through ASI, MDPR is hosting the quarterly event ASI Presents: The Student Experience. The event will feature a custom presentation for each quarter from the Fab Five team, which encompasses the many ways for students to get involved with ASI; free prizes and food; an opportunity drawing; and information booths from various ASI departments, allowing for students to have one-on-one conversations with ASI student leaders and staff.

“With the ‘You Belong Here’ campaign, ASI hopes to reassure students that they are the core of our programs, events, services, and even decision and policy making. Students should be confident that they are included, important and most of all, needed and valued.  ASI, and even CPP, would be nothing without the Broncos that stomp these grounds, and they should feel like this is home,” Guevarra said.

To further support the mission of the campaign, ASI will also implement video campaigns such as the “You Belong Here” campaign video, where current and former students of ASI provide testimonies about their personal experiences through ASI; continue to offer student employment and internship opportunities; and give students a behind-the-scenes look at ASI Student Government with a quarterly address, “ASI on the Fly” from ASI President, Uriah Sanders.

Catch the first session of ASI Presents: The Student Experience on Thursday, October 27 from noon to 1 p.m. in the Bronco Student Center, Ursa Major AB (BSC, Bldg. 35-2611AB). For more information about the “You Belong Here” campaign, click here.