NBC Olympics Social Media: The Real Gold Medalist of Rio 2016

NBC Olympics Social Media: The Real Gold Medalist of Rio 2016

The Rio 2016 Olympics have ended and it’s time to talk about the real gold medalist here: the NBC Olympics social media accounts. Throughout the duration of the Olympics, fans could follow NBC Olympics on major social media sites and bare witness to some amazing coverage of the most popular sports, but also some posts which made us think, “Wow, give them a gold medal.”

Below are just a few of our favorites:
The time someone saw a man dressed in full Brazil gear playing the accordion. Is it relevant? Kind of. Do we love it? YAS!


They also kept us up on the celebrity gossip, such as Zac Efron and Simone Biles. #OTP?

No opportunity was missed, especially when an Olympian supports another fellow Olympian.

The people running these platforms obviously had a sense of humor that surpassed the average person.

No seriously, they made us LITERALLY laugh out loud.


Of course, with any successful social media account comes at least one Mean Girls reference.

The account also did an incredible job at keeping us up to date with the athletes’ life outside of sports.

No matter the country, even the host country, no one was safe from a joke or two:

When we say, “No one is safe from a joke” we mean no one was safe from a joke!

Their GIF picking skills were on point as well. Could we pick a better GIF?

NBC also showed us its knowledge of proper emoji use when it comes to Usain Bolt

Of course, no Olympic game is complete without an awesome picture of the stadium and fireworks.

If you are curious, yes, Tokyo 2020 does have social media accounts. Based off of the entrance of Japan’s Prime Minster Shinzō Abe into the closing ceremony at Rio, one can assume that Tokyo 2020 will be just as fun as Rio 2016.

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