Awesome Olympics Commercials to Hype You Up

Awesome Olympics Commercials to Hype You Up

The Olympics are coming quicker than Usain Bolt running toward you at full speed. So let’s get hyped up by taking a quick look at some awesome Olympics-themed commercials:

“Thank You, Mom” from Procter and Gamble 

This almost made all of my co-workers, myself included, cry. Not only does this commercial give us some major goosebumps, but it also shows us the power of moms and how strong they can be.
“Snowball” from Coca-Cola 

When you think about a classic winter season past time, you think about one thing: snowball fights. That is exactly what this commercial is centered around. That and the struggle of getting a Coke—a feeling we know all too well as Cal Poly Pomona students. Perhaps the best thing this commercial does is create an atmosphere of playful competition, and isn’t that really what the Olympics are all about?
“Future Olympian” from Citibank

Inspiring and heartwarming are just a few of the words to describe this commercial. The overall message is directed towards the future generation of Olympic athletes. Though only 30 seconds, this commercial will inspire you, make you smile and possibly go to Citi Bank.
“We Fly Them” from United Airlines

People often forget that Olympians leave home for a month to compete in the games. This tear-jerking ad begins with Olympians leaving; however, in a moments notice, the music becomes triumphant, the athletes stand up and the commercial goes zero to 100 real quick!

“Rio Olympics 2016” from Visa

It seems although credit card commercials save all their advertising power for the Olympics. Apart from literally stuffing a van full of Olympians, the commercial also features the song Twenty-Five Miles by Edwin Starr, which sounds like a must-have in any workout routine playlist. And it wouldn’t be a Visa commercial without the almighty voice of Morgan Freeman himself, who wraps it all up at the end.

Don’t avoid the commercials during the Olympics, Broncos. You never know what greatness you might be missing out on.

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