Life Lessons Learned from Recent Media Events

Life Lessons Learned from Recent Media Events

Life lessons have a tendency to present themselves at any time, whether it be during times of adversity, times of loss or even during times involving Hollywood celebrities or political figures. Below are five life lessons we’ve learned from recent media events.

1. You can’t live life through artificial facades

Taylor Swift with Kim and Kanye


Perhaps the hugest celebrity spat this summer was the whole Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift debacle, in which Kardashian released Snapchat footage of Swift’s conversation with Kanye West over his controversial “Famous” lyrics that appeared to show Swift in support of the lyrics. The release came on the heels of Swift’s denial of knowing about the lyrics, which caused for Swift’s squeaky clean America’s sweetheart facade to be questioned. Kardashian—tired of her husband constantly being demonized—cast a light on Swift’s so-called persona of the unassuming victim, which in turn explored her so-called feminist ideals, such is the case where she spewed out ignorant assumptions about women being pit together and hypocritical actions shaming other women. Artificial facades obviously don’t bode for too long.

2. Being dishonest always has its own ramifications

Melania Trump at the RNC


We’re always warned about the dire consequences of plagiarism and academic dishonesty during our college years. It looks like Melania Trump didn’t get the memo, since she recited a chunk of Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008, but told journalist Matt Lauer that she had written her speech with “as little help as possible.” Consequently, being untruthful and engaging in plagiarism is always a massive no-no, unless you’re a Trump who has the luxury of someone else taking the fall for you to preserve face.

3. It’s best to stay out of drama that doesn’t involve you

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift


Sticking your nose in other people’s business generally doesn’t bode very well in the long run, such as the case where Selena Gomez’s failed attempt to defend fellow squad member Taylor Swift amid her feud with Kim Kardashian (RIP, Taylor Swift) resulted in her imminent drag through the interwebs when Twitter users pointed out her hypocrisy in failing to address things, in her words, that matter.

Selena Gomez tweets


Oooh girl, do you need some Aloe Vera to alleviate those sick burns?

4. You’re never too old to throw a tantrum

Delegates at RNC


The first day of the 2016 Republican National Convention kicked off to an interesting start on July 18 in Cleveland, Ohio—no, not Trump’s heartburn-inducing entrance to Queen’s “We are the Champions”, but the ultimate flop of the Anything But Trump movement that caused literal chaos on the convention floor that involved screaming and credentials being thrown onto the floor, all in admirable attempts to prevent Trump from becoming the Republican nominee. That scene from “Yours, Mine & Ours” where all the children wreaked havoc while trying to clean their lighthouse was a much more mellow scene.

5. There will always be people trying to tear you down for reasons beyond you

Leslie Jones at Ghostbusters premiere


While the internet blesses us with silly gifs and pet videos, it also accommodates a group of cowardly trolls who feel the strange need to tear others down from behind the comfort of their keyboards. “Saturday Night Live” and the “Ghostbusters”-remake actress, Leslie Jones, received this very ugly reminder when she became the target of nauseatingly disturbing hate speech from Milo Yianno-somethin’ (did anyone even know who he was prior to this? Doubtful). Just think about how insecure and hollowly miserable these people must be to spread such hate.

What are some life lessons you’ve acquired amid all the media craziness? Did we leave out any other recent moments that could be life lessons? Share with us using the hashtag #CampusCropChat on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and be sure to follow us on Snapchat @ASICPP.