ASI Students Featured at Poly-Kroma Art Exhibition

ASI Students Featured at Poly-Kroma Art Exhibition

Written by guest author Ryan Singelyn 

On Monday, May 23, the Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) Department of Art hosted its annual multi-show exhibition, Poly-Kroma. The exhibition featured three main events, highlighted by the 2D/3D Fine Art Jurored Competition, located in the Huntley Art Gallery.
art galleryLocated on the fourth floor of the University Library (Bldg. 15), the exhibition is open every day except Friday and features art in a variety of different mediums. The Associated Students Inc.(ASI) Marketing, Design and Public Relations (MDPR) department is proud to have had many of its graphic design students’ work on display in the exhibition.view from a balcony towards blue figure outside.
multiple gray nervous looking faces
freeway signs For Chad Lynn, third-year graphic design student and MDPR graphic designer, inspiration came from a box full of ticket stubs in his room from different shows he has attended in the past. As an avid concert goer, he chose three tickets at random from the dozens he had with the goal of creating unique concert posters for each show. The shows all had different artists and styles of music, so Lynn used his creativity to showcase each of them differently. “I used specific colors and imagery to express my personal experience from the show,” said Lynn. Lynn’s work won him first place in the Graphic Design category of the exhibition.In addition to Lynn, multiple other MDPR graphic designers were featured in the exhibition.
culture clash card game
Josh Phillips, fourth-year graphic design student, and Tyler Scott Stewart, fourth-year graphic design student, collaborated together to create a board game titled “Culture Clash.” They used a variety of different programs to create the packaging and design of the game, letting the results speak for themselves. The game looks fantastic and is also fun to play!colorful art and flowers
Lea Catbagan, fourth- year graphic design student, submitted two paintings, including the one above. This piece explores the unique balance people must find between technology and nature.naked woman reaching upwards
Dimitri Koutroulis, fourth- year graphic design student, submitted two pieces as well. His talents extend beyond creating posters and designs for MDPR as well. One of his pieces, shown above, is a drawing of a woman made using charcoal. 

ASI MDPR is also proud to have featured marketing that was created for on-campus events here at CPP. MDPR graphic designers Natalie Tran, Adrian Avizu and Kelly Rice created the designs for each of the posters below. Having their work featured in the exhibit speaks to the quality of work they produce and how thrilled the department is to have their work display around campus!rock the commons poster
Rock the Commons marketing by Natalie Tran, third-year graphic design student.traveling show poster
Traveling Show marketing by Adrian Avizu, third- year graphic design student.

hollywood madness poster
Hollywood Madness marketing by Kelly Rice, fourth-year graphic design student.

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