FMLYBND Performs for Annual Traveling Show

FMLYBND Performs for Annual Traveling Show

FMLYBND at Center Court
Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Bronco Events and Activities Team (BEAT) held their annual Traveling Show on Thursday, April 28 during U-hour (noon to 1 p.m.) with indie electronic band FMLYBND (pronounced Family Band) headlining the on-the-go show.

The Traveling Show features artist performances as they make their way through various stops around the Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) campus.

FMLYBND performs at Center Court
The show kicked off at a packed Center Court in the Bronco Student Center (BSC, Bldg. 35) at noon, and provided students with some sweet, much-needed acoustic relief from classes as they enjoyed their lunch.


Music and food is the best combination. Next stop: University Park.

Sydney Fisher, BEAT music chair, discussed the process of planning the Traveling Show, and cited the support of the entire BEAT team and volunteers as the highlight of the event.

“I actually started [reaching out to bands] in January of this year and everyone that I reached out to—I probably reached out to like 20 bands—all of them could not make it,” said Fisher. “I guess this time of the year is really big for bands. Everyone was booked.”

FMLYBND close up University Park

FMLYBND at University Park

The indie group made their way to the front of the BSC as music enthusiasts trailed along, going wherever the music took them.

“I actually reached out [to FMLYBND] to perform for Rock the Commons, but they couldn’t because they were booked, and I’m actually connected in a way [to the band],” added Fisher. “It’s weird—my cousin had [lead vocalists] Braelyn and Mac perform at her wedding and I’ve seen them live a couple of times, so I reached out to them [for Traveling Show] and they said yes. It was such a long planning process.”

FMLYBND in front of BSC with crowds

University Park never sounded better: the melodic tunes of the trio harmonizing filled the cool air as students swayed along to their tune “Air.”

FMLYBND singing in front of BSC
According to Fisher, Traveling Show was conceived by last year’s music chair, Hana Kim. “I’m just kind of continuing her legacy and I really wanted to do a good job because she’s such a huge inspiration to me,” said Fisher. “It definitely gets hectic, but I know my team has my back.”

BEAT volunteers walk and hold event sign

Additional members and volunteers of BEAT led the group throughout the hour-long event. Next stop: University Theater.

Johana Venegas, a first-year undecided student, has been volunteering with BEAT since the middle of fall quarter. “BEAT has been one of the fun [volunteer opportunities compared to others and it’s been] a great opportunity,” said Venegas.

Venegas shared the following insights for those looking to get more involved: “Take advantage of the opportunities given to you. Explore your options. There’s a lot of trial and tribulation.”

FMLYBND walks to University Theater

FMLYBND performing near theater

You can just hear the harmonic “ooooooo’s” escaping from their mouths.

FMLYBND sings as a BEAT chair dances along

BEAT Outreach Chair Nkeiruka Igbonagwam dances along to the band’s performance of their song “Far Away” next to the theater. We see you, girl.

FMLYBND performs at Pancakes, conclusion
The band made their final stop at the Pancakes at University Quad with a cover of the Pixies’ “Where is My Mind,” along with a rendition of their single “Hearts on Fire” from their “Hearts on Fire” EP released in January of this year.

FMLYBND at Pancakes University Quad Student crowd sings along to FMLYBND
The crowds also engaged in a sing along—belting out the chorus of “Hearts on Fire.”

FMLYBND concludes at Pancakes
Watch our coverage of the Traveling Show below:

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