An Inside Look at BEAT’s Sustainable Fashion Show

An Inside Look at BEAT’s Sustainable Fashion Show

The models pose at the end of the runway waiting to hear the results.

On an overcast Tuesday afternoon, students gathered around a runway at University Park eager to see the latest in fashion—sustainable fashion, that is. In honor of Earth Week, Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Bronco Events and Activities Team (BEAT) hosted a fashion show on April 26 titled Recycle. Reuse. Runway. to show students how glamorous eco-friendly fashion can be!

Students modeled original outfits made out of sustainable materials such as paper bags and reused clothing to increase awareness about sustainable clothing. First and second place winners were chosen depending on how much love they received from the audience! Prizes included a $10 Starbucks gift card and two movie tickets to AMC Theaters.

BEAT's music chair, Sydney Fisher, rocks an outfit made out of paper.

“The idea for Recycle. Reuse. Runway. came from Brenda Calderon and Miranda Vazquez,” said Alfredo Munoz, BEAT secretary of programs and services. “We wanted ASI to work with the Sustainability Committee and bring the two [organizations] together.”

BEAT's programming chair, Iram Khajawall, shows off a one-of-a kind newspaper dress on the runway.

Many students stopped by for a look at sustainable fashion trends. “I think it will be super cool to see recycled clothing. I’ve never seen that before and I think it would be tight. I’m excited for it,” said student Zaina Kholaki as she eagerly waited for the fashion show to start.

Sponsoring organizations included the Games Room Etc. (Bldg. 35-1110), the Children’s Center (Bldg. 116) and Fashion Society.

Fashion Society sold flower crowns at Recycle. Reuse. Runway.

Fashion Society participated in Earth Week by selling flower crowns at their table as well as putting together a look for the runway. “Normally, we’re known for our huge fashion show with elaborate designs, but Jonathan [a member of Fashion Society] decided to do something with plastic bags, something that a lot of people consider trash, and turned them into something beautiful,” said Michelle Waugh, member of Fashion Society.

Students were able to find great deals at the Games Room Lost and Found Thrift Shop!

The Games Room also showed their support by hosting a Lost and Found Thrift Shop where students could buy unclaimed clothing from the Games Room for a discounted price. “I didn’t know this was happening until I walked by, but I got three sweaters for a dollar each,” said student Rima Bora.

Recycle. Reuse. Runway. also showed off the best in micro-fashion with a mini fashion show featuring looks from the Children’s Center.

Children's Center volunteer, David Stennis-Weatherspoon, repurposed a shirt and made it into a scarf!

“We went to volunteer at the Children’s Center and helped them make clothes for the event, so we came out to support them,” said Children’s Center volunteer, Johana Venegas. “The kids made their own clothes but they told us what they wanted, and we helped them make it,” added fellow volunteer David Stennis-Weatherspoon.

Luna Armas showed her love for sustainable fashion by creating a dress from thrift shop clothing.

Other students hand-made sustainable outfits and rocked it on the runway. “I’m all about living sustainably and I’m all about clothing,” said fashion show contestant Luna Armas. “Clothing is who I am but I know a lot of clothing comes from unethical locations. The best way to avoid that is to buy clothes that are sustainably OK, thrift shop or reuse your clothing.”

Fashion Society created a unique and eco-friendly look out of paper and plastic bags.

First place went to Fashion Society for their creative use of plastic and paper bags. Second place went to Luna Armas for her hand-sewn dress made out of repurposed clothing.

Recycle. Reuse. Runway. was a unique way for students to show off their sustainable threads.

Featuring one-of-a-kind looks made from recyclable and reusable materials, Recycle. Reuse. Runway. was the perfect way to show students creative and fun ways to make their closets eco-friendly!

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