What It’s Like to Have An Unseen Talent

What It’s Like to Have An Unseen Talent

Musicians, designers, painters, photographers and dancers all have one thing in common: their talent is readily available for all to see and enjoy. And if you’re anything other than that, it can be frustrating practicing your craft and knowing it won’t be as easily or quickly recognized as others’.

In short, expressing your talent can be hard. Here are a few of the daily struggles people with “unseen talents” go through:

Feeling like you aren’t as talented as others
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As a writer, I often feel less talented than my friends who can perform or display their talents without really trying. You won’t look over my shoulder, get a quick glance at my words and immediately recognize the talent on that paper the way you would with a sketcher. I can’t go to a get-together, spot a pen and paper and casually write for everyone in the room the way a pianist can perform if there happens to be a piano. My talent sometimes feels useless.

As a result, feeling uninspired to practice your craft
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It can be hard to produce something when you think that not a lot of people (if any) will notice or care that you’ve sent something new out into this world. It already takes a certain level of vulnerability to present something you’ve created. It’s even more nerve-wracking to do so, then realize it’s being overlooked.

When someone actually notices your work
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Being so used to no one ever truly consuming your talent can sometimes make it scary when someone actually does notice your work, but ultimately, it’s a satisfying feeling being told you did a good job. Of course, it’s always funny watching people look at you with utmost surprise at the fact that you can actually do something—”Wow, you mean you’re actually good at something? That’s awesome!”

Having someone ask you for help on something that requires your talent
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Nothing is more heartwarming than feeling like your talent is needed, wanted and valued. Even if it’s something as small as helping someone with an assignment or just giving someone advice, it means a lot to know you can contribute the way others do too.

Reaching a place where you realize everyone’s talent is important and appreciated
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Ultimately, having an unseen talent doesn’t mean that your talent isn’t there. Our world wouldn’t be the way it is without the talents of the people who made it. Feeling uninspired is a part of the process and feeling a little under-appreciated is something we all will struggle with in life. What matters most is our will to keep growing our talents and using them to make this world a little more fun to live in.

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