ASI Social Media Contest Winners: #asicpplove

ASI Social Media Contest Winners: #asicpplove

Midnight Madness tabling event

Our #asicpplove social media contest officially ended last Monday! Participants were tasked to answer one simple question: Why do you love ASI?

These thoughtful responses would be posted on the respective Facebook and Instagram statuses that pertained to the contest, with participants on Twitter tweeting us their answers to @asicpp.

After reading through the various thoughtful responses, we’ve finally landed upon our three winners!

First place iPod Shuffle winner: Ahmed Sammy Jonny on Instagram (@ahmedsammyjonny)
“ASI gives me the experience that was lacking in my life. Transferring from community college I never had the “real” college experience. ASI had filled in that gap making me a part of this beautiful growing community helping me achieve and strive at all my goals.”

Second place ASI Prize Pack winner: Elsa Kebede on Instagram (@itselsak)
“I love ASI because it gives students opportunities to relax (massages and puppies oh my gosh thank you???). Something I also love about ASI is that it is a place where students have the chance to learn how to be leaders and work in their future industry! The diverse departments that ASI offers for student workers means that we get the chance to be educated while honing our skills. I appreciate the different events that ASI puts on that touches base on the different aspects of college life.”

Third place ASI Prize Pack winner: Huang Tran on Facebook (Huang Tran)
“I love how #asicpp is built by students and for students. Whether it be getting to know #cpp campus better, getting involved in clubs, utilizing the school resources, ASI was there to make them happen. Your Friday events were the reason I stopped binging on Netflix and stepped outside for once. Those events are da bomb!!! Keeping up with the good works!!!”


We hope these winners enjoy their prizes! A big thank you again to all the lovely Broncos who shared why they love ASI. Be sure to look out for more contests put on by our Snapchat account @asicpp, as well as ASI Campus Recreation’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in addition to the Bronco Student Center’s Facebook and Twitter.


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