6 Life Lessons from “The Walking Dead”

6 Life Lessons from “The Walking Dead”

AMC’s hit series, “The Walking Dead” recently finished its sixth season with a crazy finale, and is set to return for its seventh season in October.

To commemorate the six chaotic seasons that have so far graced our television screens and provided us with nothing but sheer anxiety and curl-up-in-a-ball grief, below are six life lessons that the cable series has taught us so far.

WARNING: this piece contains spoilers from the show.

Never lose hope at times of adversity.

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When you feel like you’ve reached a destination that far exceeds rock bottom, just remember that there’s nowhere to continue on from here but upwards. Revel in rock bottom and all the hurt you may be feeling now, because it will only get better from here.

This was exemplified in Andrea’s choice to stay at the CDC in the earlier seasons because she’d rather die than deal with the loss of her sister. She was at her lowest point in life, and while Dale’s guilt trip was manipulative in nature, it allowed her to grow into the strong, able woman who tried her best to bridge the issues between the prison and Woodbury. Her death was not in vain.

Letting your guard down and learning to trust others is an essential aspect of being human.

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We’ve all seen those rom-coms where the main character is this cynical, independent individual who keeps people at arm’s length because they’re afraid of getting hurt. It’s become such a tired cliché, I know, but there’s actually so much truth to it in that so many people fall prey to this ideology.

This is best exemplified in the characteristics of Rick, Michonne and Daryl – three individuals notorious to being standoffish and mistrusting of others.

As humans, we need to be able to let our guards down and let others in without fear because an existence without these elements would be a tragic one at best.

We all possess powerful inner strength.

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Reaching that lowest level of rock bottom is actually a vital aspect of being human because it’s within that very moment that your inner strength boils to the surface.

Carol’s character development is obviously one of the best examples of channeling inner strength. She was initially introduced as this timid housewife dealing with domestic abuse, but evolved into one of the strongest characters of the series.

There is no such thing as inherently bad people.

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If there’s one prevalent theme within this entire show, it’s that people are not born inherently evil despite how sinister they may seem. Circumstances ultimately shape who we become.

While scumbag Shane and the Governor were truly obnoxious characters in nature, it’s important to take into account their losses and the people they’ve had to become in the aftermath of the world’s end. Let it be clear that I’m in no way justifying their actions or killings, but there’s no denying that there is some level of empathy there.

A life without love wouldn’t be much of a life at all.

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This is exemplified in Carol’s decision to leave Alexandria because she could no longer carry the weight of killing and potentially losing loved ones. Keeping people at arm’s length because you’re afraid of the hurt that comes along with having people to care about isn’t the way to live.

There won’t always be simple, clear-cut solutions to life’s dilemmas.

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There are rarely simple right or wrong answers. Life isn’t solely black or white, but often filled with gray areas where you’ll be at war with morality.

This is best exemplified (in like, 80 percent of the episodes) when our group of survivors storm Negan’s compound in the middle of the night to off his army and there’s the whole struggle with morality.

Solutions won’t always be clear cut and often times, you’ll just have to listen to your gut feeling and hope that things ultimately fall into place.

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