Signs You’re on Your Phone too Much

Signs You’re on Your Phone too Much

Oh, millennials. We are known as the generation raised on technology as well as the generation who can’t live without it. It doesn’t matter if we’re on our phones for work, school or our social lives—we’re basically connected 24/7. As great as our phones are, you may need to say bye to your phone for a bit if you answer yes to any of the following:

1. You start your morning by checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and in that order.
Selena Gomez excitedly scrolls through her smartphone.
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Your parents say it’s a waste of time, you say it’s news. Think of it as the morning paper for a younger generation.

2. When you finally look up, you have neck cramps and you’re seeing spots.
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Like most of us, you probably walk around with your head down, phone in hand, oblivious to the traffic around you. Naturally, your neck will start to give you problems. However, if you find that you do this a little too often, try out these neck exercises .

3. You suffer from Phantom Vibration Syndrome (PVS)
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Your phone isn’t vibrating, it’s just you. All jokes aside, PVS actually is a real condition.

4. When you aren’t on your phone you’re thinking about what you could be doing on your phone.
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It happens to the best of us. The line at Starbucks was longer than you expected and now you have nothing to do while you wait. You could always people watch…

5. Your thumb is restless if it isn’t scrolling.
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What else do we have thumbs for if not for scrolling through our Instagram feed?

6. You pull your phone out just to look busy.
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This struggle is all too real for our generation. Because we always have our phones on us, it is much easier to stay busy on our devices before class rather than deal with making awkward conversation in an 8 a.m. class.

7. Your whole life is literally on your phone.
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This may or may not be a good thing.
The pros: you can bank online, stay connected with friends and family or keep up with schoolwork via the Blackboard mobile app. You can pretty much do anything. The cons: if you lose your phone, there goes your passwords, emails and other private information. Oh yeah, and your phone.

8. You have zero chance of survival if your phone dies and you’re out of a charger.
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How many of us honestly know how to read a map these days? Pretty much no one. Without Google Maps, we would be lost. Don’t get lost in a random neighborhood without a charger. Invest in a car charger or even a solar-powered backpack.

9. Your phone is in your hand right now.
A confused woman tells her friend "wait...what?"
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10. You’re reading this off your phone.
Dwight from The Office whispers "it's true" from behind his hand.
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