Tips for Treasure Hunters

Tips for Treasure Hunters

When you hear the word treasure hunter, who do you think of? Indiana JonesLara Croft? Well how about [insert your name here]? That’s right Broncos, now you can be a treasure hunter with the help of these five tips.

Define treasure 
captain jack sparrow with a jar of dirt
Remember the quote, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Treasure isn’t always going to be buried on a remote island. Sometimes you just want to find some old records. Or maybe you just want a super cheap shirt! Or perhaps the real treasure is friendship… but it’s probably just a really cheap T-shirt.

Know where to hunt 
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If you want to find something cheap and old, go to the thrift store. Thrift stores are a treasure hunter’s best friend. You have no idea what is hiding in there! Some days you find a nice trinket for mom; some days you find a $200 Beatles record. I found the latter.

Know what you found 
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Remember: don’t fall for fool’s gold! The best way to do this is to know the details of what you are looking for. Maybe a certain shoe has certain stitching. For records, the serial number gives you all the information you need to know about the record. Remember to keep your eye on details, and when you look up info online, make sure to check your sources!

Don’t be disappointed when you don’t find anything
captain jack sparrow with a sad face
Remember the time Indiana Jones didn’t get the Holy Grail? Well, he technically did, but he still came back for another adventure! That’s the optimism you should have. Remember that you won’t always find what you want at the end, but that’s no reason to give up.

captain jack sparrow saying he understands everything
Expensive treasure today gets more expensive with time. Something rare such as an unopened Star Wars toy could skyrocket in price! So save up your treasure and have some patience.

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