Petting Away Stress at Puppies in the Park

Petting Away Stress at Puppies in the Park

Students model with puppies for the perfect selfie.
The Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Bronco Events and Activities Team (BEAT) hosted Puppies in the Park  on Thursday, March 3 in University Park as a stress-free event for students. The event was free for all students and was geared towards alleviating the stress that comes with preparing for mid-terms.  

Three dachshund puppies play in the pen as they wait for students to pet them.
The event attracted over 500 students, who lined up around the University Park stage waiting to pet the pups. “I made time to go. I’m a big dog person. On a scale of one to 10, I’m an 11,” said student Deandra Boentaran.

A student is all smiles as she holds one of the puppies in her arms.

Two pens of puppies were set up in the middle of University Park. In each pen, there were about eight puppies of various breeds—plenty of pups to choose from! Students were allowed into the pen in small groups at a time where they were given an allotted amount of time to pet, play, cuddle and take selfies with the puppies. 

Two dachshund puppies roll a tennis ball around their pen.

“My favorite puppy was a dachshund; it was so cute,” said attendee Christine Van Noordan. “It would come cuddle in my arms, jump and play, and then come back to cuddle.”


Fun fact: petting a dog is proven to reduce stress and even lower your blood pressure. Turns out dogs are cute and cuddly for a reason!

This small white puppy made itself at home in the arms of a student.

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