A Night of Glamour at Hollywood Madness

A Night of Glamour at Hollywood Madness

Welcome to Hollywood Madness sign

On Friday, March 11, Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Bronco Events and Activities Team (BEAT) hosted their quarterly Midnight Madness event at the Bronco Student Center (BSC). The themed Hollywood Madness attracted over 1200 students for a night of glamour and fun to help alleviate the stress before final exams by providing a variety of free activities and food!

A young woman enjoys the rollerskating rink
A rack of rollerskatesStudents were able to skate away from end-of-the-quarter blues at the roller rink in the BSC, Ursa Major! Free skate rentals were provided.

A young woman paints at a DIY station
Several students participate in the DIY stations

Getting crafty: do-it-yourself tables were set up in the BSC, Andromeda for students to channel their inner Picasso as they made face masks, buttons, cut outs of their initials and more pieces of art. Pass the glitter, please.

Three young women dance as they sing karaoke
Students were also able to channel their inner Sinatra and Costello for karaoke in the BSC, Ursa Minor as melodic tunes, both off and on key, filled the student center throughout the night.

A young man gets his flash tattoo done

Inked up: flash tattoo stations were set up in the BSC, Ursa Minor. What should it be, Broncos? A flower? A Hello Kitty head? Mom’s name? Airbrush us now because life should be filled with no “ragrets.”

A young man shows off his no ragrets tattoo

Gif courtesy of Gify.com 

A student shows off her balloon animal
Free balloon art? We’ll take twenty.

A DJ mixes songs as students dance on the floor

Perhaps Gatsby, flapper-esque dance moves were thrown out on the dance floor as students shook and jived to the groove of these DJs’ tracks.

ASI TV host Marco Martinez

Marco Martinez, student writer/editor for ASI’s Marketing, Design and Public Relations (MDPR) department, hosted ASI TV this quarter clad in suspenders and his best mid-Atlantic accent.

ASI TV host Marco Martinez poses with an Oscar statue
This is so unexpected. We didn’t have time to prepare a speech, but we’d like to thank the Academy for the nomination and also, ASI for putting on this glamorous event. It’s always nice just to be recognized in this industry.

Check out the Hollywood Madness recap on ASI TV here:

ASI TV host Marco Martinez passes out free hot dogs

ASI student leaders volunteered to pass out free hot dogs, chips, popcorn and drinks to hungry students.

Students get in line for the photobooth
What’s a Hollywood Madness without a red carpet? Not a very good one, obviously. Students were able to utilize the photo booth to recreate their very own Marilyn Monroe-esque glamour shots.

Photobooth props are laid out on the tableOriginal photo booth props were created by ASI MDPR for students to use, too!

Students spin the ASI prize wheel

A scavenger hunt was also set up at ASI’s table for students to complete a series of activities and events around the BSC to be entered into an opportunity drawing to win a brand new iPod Shuffle! Quit spoiling us, ASI.



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