How We Felt Watching the New Captain America Civil War Trailer

How We Felt Watching the New Captain America Civil War Trailer

*Spoilers ahead*
*But seriously go watch it. It’ll the best two minutes and 24 seconds of your life.*
I cried for about two hours from happiness after watching the new Captain America Civil War trailer. After my tears dried up, I decided to sum up all our feelings after watching the trailer.

1. Confusion: Did that just happen? Did we seriously just see that? What just happened? Our puny minds could not comprehend the awesomeness we just witnessed so we became confused.
black widow reaction what scarlett johansson confused

2. Denial: No we did not just see that! It can’t be real … can it?

3. Check Source: You think what you just witnessed is a clever internet troll who edited a fake trailer, but you rejoiced when you noticed the official Captain America movie social media account posted the video.

4. Silence: You just understood what you saw. You are speechless. You sit in silence doing nothing.
from avengers scene buffy nicholas brendon

5. Tears: Your silent face begins to tear up as you realize that yes, this is really happening.

6. Yelling: You yell at the top of your lungs. They did it. Marvel freaking did it. Spider-Man is here!
marvel robert downey jr scarlett johansson elizabeth olsen avengers

7. Research: You begin to do research to see who will play Spider-Man. After you realize it’s an unknown 20-year-old guy, you feel bad because you yourself are not Spider-Man.
iron man movies robert downey jr rdj iron man 2

8. Further denial: You begin to think, “Will Marvel really make another amazing movie? No, they can’t!” But they can, and they will!
mark ruffalo bruce banner rachel mcadams avengers glasses

9. Underoos: What did Iron Man say? Underoos? Come on don’t be so stark with us, Tony!
civil war trailer captain america civil war

10. CGI: Why did Spider-Man’s two seconds of fame look very *ahem* CGI? Not complaining, just saying.
hello hi civil war spider man hey

11. Costume Nostalgia: We, the nerds, have seen that Spider-Man costume before. It actually looks a little like the original costume from the first Spider-Man comic.

12. Anxiety: We have to wait how long? Until May?! Ah, how do you expect me to sleep from all this excitement?
Agent M Loves Gifs marvel captain america civil war black widow

13. Wishing for May: Our nerd fest will be held on May 6.

14. Acceptance: We come to terms with our fate and sit down to wait for the amazing day the film releases.
marvel captain america iron man civil war my shitty and lazy making tag

15. Watching all the Marvel movies: you were already going to do this, but of course now it just adds a little more excitement.
deadpool spider man superhero landing applause sarcastic

Well Marvelgood job; I’m a 20- year-old crying like a baby. What were your emotions watching the new trailer?  Share with us using the hashtag #CampusCropChat on FacebookTwitter or Instagram, and remember to follow us on Snapchat @asicpp.