Why You Need to Come to This Year’s Rec Fest

Why You Need to Come to This Year’s Rec Fest

Associated Students Inc. (ASI) Campus Recreation’s third annual Rec Fest is on the horizon, Broncos! Will you be attending this Friday, March 4 from 6-11 p.m.?

Here’s every reason why you should be!

There’s free food.
A student scoops food into a bowl
Our past Rec Fests have been catered by Poly Trolley and Kellogg West, so you know tummies were kept full and happy.

You can watch this happen:
A student falls while playing bubble soccer
Who doesn’t love watching people struggle and roll around in big, plastic balls?

Jamba Juice samples!
A student in a banana costume offers free Jamba Juice
Pass by numerous times and pretend like you didn’t already pick up a million samples of Mango-A-Go-Go!

You can learn how to do numerous sports and activities.
Two women spar with boxing gloves
No matter what level of skill you have, Campus Recreation always has workshops available for members willing to learn a new sport or game!

… like water slacklining!
A man slacklines in the water
You’ll definitely fall, but at least it won’t be onto anything that’ll hurt!

You can enjoy the event and still burn some calories!
Instructors teach a large crowd how to Zumba dance
Participate in a class demo like Zumba! Then ruin your workout with Breakfast at Rec Fest and scarf down your free food.

You can channel your inner kid and return to the classic games.
Students play dodgeball
Like dodgeball! Remember the five D’s: “Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!”

There’s always a dance party somewhere.
A man gets his groove on
Whether it’s by the Zumba demo or with a DJ by the pool, you and your friends can groove the night away.

What other reason do you need to go to Rec Fest, Broncos? If that didn’t convince you, maybe a free¬†6KU Fixie single-speed bike will… Attend Rec Fest this Friday from 6-11 p.m. at the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC), and you can enter our opportunity drawing for a free bike and other prizes!

A bike

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A woman cheers

Yay Rec Fest!