Our 10 Favorite Beauty Bloggers

Our 10 Favorite Beauty Bloggers

Admit it. You would not be as fabulous as you are today without the help of some very YouTube-saavy beauty gurus along the way. No way did you know what contouring meant until you saw a twenty minute tutorial that changed your life. And we know you had no clue what to do with your eyebrows until your favorite blogger introduced you to Anastasia Beverly Hills.

This is a tribute to those bloggers because not all heroes wear capes. Here are ten of our all time favorite beauty bloggers (in no particular order):

1. Manny MUA

Reasons: His newly released makeup palette is everything, and his Instagram is so perfect, he’s making me start to think maybe I should grow out facial hair.

2. Jaclyn Hill

Reasons: She is us; we are her. She is the dorky, funny, cute and everything-else-good-in-this-world woman that we need in our lives. Check out her Instagram if you want to see the best highlight you’ve ever seen in your life.

3. PatrickStarrr

Reasons: Big, bold and beautiful. What other reason do you need to love him? I suppose the fact that he’s basically a model is also another reason.

4. Desi Perkins

Reasons: Her gag reels at the end of her videos are always personable, and if you follow her on Instagram, you know her selfies are always on FLEEK.

5. Bretman Rock

Reasons: One look through his Instagram videos, and he’ll have you on the floor dying. Cause of death: laughter. Also, we love a pretty person who’s mastered the ugly selfie.

6. Nicole Guerriero

Reasons: As you can see from the video above, girl’s eyeliner is banging. And if you want to see the cutest messy bun of all time, there’s always her Instagram to obsess over.

7. Jordan Liberty

Reasons: His tutorial features models with all types of skin situations and concerns, so you’ll know exactly what fits your type when you go in on your face. To see his ultimate makeup capabilities, check out his Instagram!

8. Stephanie Lange

Reasons: She acknowledges that there are “right” and “wrong” things to do in the world of makeup, but is a firm believer that whatever you like counts as “right.” We all need that “you do you, boo” encouragement in our lives! Follow her on Instagram for endless Australian goodness.

9. Wayne Goss

Reasons: He spills tea on all the brands you’re on the fence about in his reviews, and we definitely need that help if we want to stop ourselves from throwing our money away at Ulta (not that I do that or anything). Gawk at his beautiful makeup collection here.

10. Kim Marie Makeup

Reasons: Have you seen her Instagram? Even though she is new to the game, this beauty blogger SLAYS. Also, her liquid lipstick collection is definitely goals. Did we mention she is a Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) alum? What’s not to love?!

Who are some of your favorite beauty bloggers, Broncos? Let us know using the hashtag, #CampusCropChat on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and remember to follow us on Snapchat @asicpp!