How We Really Feel About Week 10 (As Told by Adele)

How We Really Feel About Week 10 (As Told by Adele)

Can you believe it’s already week 10? That’s right; we’ve endured nine weeks of professors who never cancel classes, students who steal your unassigned-but-definitely-assigned seat during week seven, horrible study buddies and inevitable all-nighters.

But it’s not over yet. I hope you’re prepared because those nine weeks have finally cultivated into the battle that stands between us and our beloved winter break: week 10 and finals.

Here is everything we’re feeling this week, as told by the queen of feels herself, Adele:

Having your love and need for coffee hit an all time high:

Nope, nothing is better. Except maybe an A.

When your professor drones on and on and on:

Please stop talking and give us the study guide.

Finding out that the test isn’t curved:

It’s OK to cry.

Remembering you are a flawless being, and that your professor is the one with the problem if the test isn’t curved:

You’ll be hearing from me on Koofers.

Studying and realizing there’s no hope, and you will definitely be a disappointment to your parents:

Just kidding. Keep on keepin’ on.

When your professor gives the class extra credit:

There is hope after all.

Approaching the end of the week with still no sign of a study guide:

Study guide o study guide, wherefore art thou, study guide?

When it’s finally released and it’s just a list of chapters for you to read over:

You might as well have given me the table of contents.

When you’re in desperate need of help but your study buddy is nowhere to be found:

I’m still here. Still need your brain.

When someone in the class brags about having already finished working on the study guide:

Be polite and pretend you care.

Putting the distractions away and really buckling down and studying:

Except yeah right on the flip phone.

Hearing rumors of a curve:

But there’s a side to you that I never knew, never knew. All the things you’d say they were never true, never true.

When those rumors are put to rest:

Again, it’s OK to cry.

When you’ve done enough studying and it’s time to break the flip phone out and call your friends:
Again, yeah right on the flip phone.

When finals week finally arrives and you’re ready:

Slay, Broncos, slay.

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