Thankfully Unthankful Moments With Our Family

Thankfully Unthankful Moments With Our Family

Thanksgiving is all about family. Wait, who am I kidding? It’s all about the food. But since being with our families and giving thanks also comes with the holiday, here is a look at all of the times we’ve been thankful (and not so thankful) for our families as told by some of our favorite families.


When you’re in bed sick…

Savannah from Christly Knows Best ringing a bell in bed.

…and you have a small request.

Savannah from Christly Knows Best asking her dad for Ice Cream


When you’re interrupted mid-bite to help said sick family member.

Christly from Christly Knows Best eating ice cream


When your mom asks to take a selfie with you.

Kim Kardashian watching Kris Jenner take a selfie


When your big sis tries to convince you to spend time with her.

Kim Kardashian saying "Basketball games are fun, they have good candy


But then throws shade when you tell her you already have plans.

Kim Kardashians saying "You're literally gonna end up like alone"


When you mess with your sibling.

Nikki Bella putting her hand in Brie Bella's face


When someone ELSE tries to mess with your sibling.

Bella Twins in the ring stretching before a match


When the family agrees that the ease of pizza trumps a home-cooked meal.

Frank Gallagher from Shameless with Lip and Debbie at the kitchen table raising their hand


When mom thinks she’s just “one of the girls.”

Regina George's mom saying "I'm a cool mom"


When dad tries to speak your language.

Phil from Modern Family saying "WTF: Why the Face?"


When you are all together for the good times…

Cam from Modern Family jumping up and down with friends saying " This is the fifth-happiest moment of my life!"

…the bad times….

Walter White Jesse Pinkman Skyler White having dinner in silence

…and the beautiful times.

Beckie and Jesse Katsopolis wedding

We know Thanksgiving is awesome with its turkey, and stuffing, and cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes…

Mom in Bob's Burger's saying to the family "Pass the cranberry sauce, we're having mashed potatoes"

…but this holiday also reminds us to be thankful for the people around us, especially our family.

The Simpson's eating dinner

No matter how annoying they can be.

Kylie Jenner  backing away as Kris Jenner says "Give me a kiss."


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