Building Excitement

Building Excitement

We have all heard stories about the history of Cal Poly Pomona (CPP). We may know about how the cereal guy, Kellogg, originally owned the land. We may also know about how the horse stables are the oldest buildings on campus. Often times, however, it’s the history which we do not see that piques our interest.
Horses running past stables

The Golden Age 
The rich history of CPP starts with W.K. Kellogg himself and some of his superstar friends from the 1920s. During this time one of the largest stars in the world was actor Rudolph Valentino. Valentino was the Robert Downy Jr. of his time and was even given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. During Valentino’s fame, he starred in a movie called “The Son of the Sheik.” In this film, he rode one of Kellogg’s famed Arabian horses. Valentino was also one of many Hollywood superstars who stayed at the Kellogg Mansion as a guest.

Rudolph Valentino standing with Arabian Horse

Throughout the years, other Hollywood superstars stayed at Kellogg Mansion to either get away from the fame, marvel at the horses or stroll around the beautiful grounds. These stars included people such as Mary Pickford who was one of the biggest silent film actresses in the world.

Clara Bow next to horse in stable

The superstar guests don’t stop there, Gary Cooper, Clara Bow and even former President Ronald Reagan would all at some point visit the wonderful Kellogg mansion. The guests of the Kellogg mansion would also visit the horse stables to see the famous Arabian horses. The location would also be used as an airport in 1968.

Spirit of St Louis plane flying over the stables

Bronco Express
In 1975 CPP would get a new retro form of transportation.
Polywagen tram transporting students
It was called the Polywagon Tram, and its purpose was to get students across campus faster and more efficiently. The campus was growing rapidly and this new form of student transportation was exactly what the students needed to start moving around campus quicker. The campus would eventually reach a size of 17 times the size of Disneyland.

The CLA 
Throughout the later years, we would begin to see things that would shape our campus as we see it today. In March of 1990, one of the most famous buildings at CPP was erected.

Construction of the CLA Building

The CLA (Bldg. 98) broke ground on March 22, 1990 and was completed two years later. This massive building would become an icon to CPP, and its iconic triangular shape can be seen from the freeways and surrounding areas.

Present day horse stables

CPP‘s rich history has blossomed since its humble beginnings. There is history all over campus and our school is proud of it. Have a look for yourself at 100 things you (probably) didn’t know about Cal Poly Pomona.

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