Obsolete School Supplies That Will Make You Feel Super Old

Obsolete School Supplies That Will Make You Feel Super Old

To commemorate the start of a new quarter here at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP), below are nine obsolete school supplies that’ll make you feel old and fill you with unwarranted nostalgia.

1. Lisa Frank Stationary
Lisa Frank stationary
Lisa Frank was all the rage with her illustrations of majestic animals made famous for their vivid, glittery coloring in design. Owning these babies made every girl or boy feel like such a cool cat with a capital C.

2. Erasable Pens
erasable pens
These were totally revolutionary; pens … that were erasable. What ever happened to these? How did they fall into the vortex of obsolete artifacts? I will forever associate these pen with this odd kid’s frequent usage of them in my grade school class. I hope you’re doing well, kid. I hope you are doing well.

3. Plastic Art Kits
plastic art kit
A personal favorite–I carried mine around like it was nobody’s business. Due to its uncanny resemblance to a businessperson’s brief case, I always felt like an important person doing very important things (i.e., perfecting the art of drawing each “PowerPuff Girls” character).

4. Rolling Backpacks
rolling backpacks
Fortunately, the rolling backpack was short lived due to the realization that they were incredibly inconvenient when navigating stairs. There was always that one kid booking it across the field to class, with their rolling backpack aggressively flipping and following from behind.

5. Milky Gel Pens
milky gel pens
Milky gel pens always inspired us to channel our inner Picassos. Fewer things brought us more joy than watching the gel leave our pens and smoothly glide across our lined composition papers.

6. Spacemaker Pencil Boxes
Nothing provokes elementary school day dreamin’ more than recollections of the sweet sound of your school supplies banging against these pencil boxes from the inside of your JanSport backpack.

7. Pencil Grips
pencil grips
Despite the lack of actual importance of pencil grips, the softness and foaminess of these things were always so reassuring. Package anything in multiple colors and you’re pretty much good in terms of marketing.

8. Push Pop Erasers
push pop erasers
Why were these even necessary? It doesn’t even matter because these babies still ranked pretty high on my personal favorites. They had adorable designs on them and came in numerous colors and that’s pretty much all that matters.

9. Push Up Pencils
push up pencils
Refer to the reasonings outlined in numbers eight and nine. These weren’t even very practical because once the pieces of lead ran out, you’re left with nothing but an empty shell of a pencil casing. Who even cares though, because look at all the whimsical colors they come in!

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