10 Overlooked Back to School Essentials

10 Overlooked Back to School Essentials

Summer is slowly coming to a close, marking a series of bucket-list activities to make up for those lazy days spent in bed, and back-to-school shopping lists to complete before returning to days of routine. Below is a list of overlooked essentials to make the return to classes more organized.

1. Coffee and water tumbler. 
Gilmore Girls coffee IV
A cheaper alternative, tumblers make refills easier. There’s also nothing more dangerous and terrifying than a decaffeinated, dehydrated student.

2. Tupperware.
Parks and Rec Leslie waffle
The convenience of buying lunch ultimately wears off when you find your debit card balance looking less than ideal. Home food preparation may be a drag, but it’ll definitely save you a lot of money and could be potentially healthier.

3. Comfortable shoes.
Michael Cera falling
Invest in a good pair of shoes; your feet will thank you. Yes, those uncomfortable pairs of shoes are incredibly fashion forward, but are they really worth the impending crankiness from pain? Flimsy sandals are also cautionary and this will inevitably be you at the end of the day.

4. Nonperishable snack stash. 
Gilmore Girls eating
Granola bars, fresh or dry fruit, trail mix and cereal are all good options to prevent you from getting hangry during long days. Vending machine snacks may be convenient, but frequent junk food consumption subsequently results in feelings of processed, greasy regret.

5. Earphones.
Bobs Burgers headphones
Whether it’s for actual music-listening purposes or pretend music-listening purposes to ensure that you won’t be approached by anyone (although this isn’t even always ensured), earphones are an absolute godsend to make your breaks that much better. Never be without them.

6. Umbrella. 
Tarzan Jane in rain
There’s nothing more infuriating than getting out of class and being greeted by the violent downpour of rain while your car sits on the other side of the universe. Keep an umbrella in your car to have on-the-go whenever the clouds seem dimmer than usual.

7. Hand sanitizer.
Jimmy Fallon ew
You’ll be thankful you have these on hand; you never know when you’ll come in contact with questionable what-have-yous and can’t make it to a restroom sink.

8. Planner. 
Jim Carrey typing
I get it—we’re an era of electronic devices and writing things down is so Stonehenge-era, but I still believe that hand writing is more effective than constantly relying on technology. Does that make me pretentious?

9. Mini stapler. 
Michael Scott annoyed
If I had a dollar every time someone screamed for a stapler the day an assignment was due, I’d probably be able to pay for all of my tuition (yeah probably not). But it’s still a fairly frequent occurrence, tied closely with someone asking for a scantron on the day of an exam.

10. A book. 
John Green book sniff
Like earphones, an enjoyable leisure book could double both as a nice time-filler during breaks and a means to avoid being approached when you’re not in the mood for socialization (again, this isn’t always ensured since some people just can’t get the picture).

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