Black Friday Guide

Black Friday Guide

Black Friday is coming up and I’m here to give you a comprehensive guide of the best tips I’ve acquired over the years for maximizing your savings on Black Friday.

Don’t Trip on that Tryptophan
While the urge to indulge on copious amounts of turkey may seem appealing on Thanksgiving day, it’s a recipe for disaster—come that midnight start to Black Friday. The increasingly earlier start time of Black Friday makes it harder each year to enjoy the actual holiday of Thanksgiving. If you’re really determined to save $20 on a new television, ration your turkey portions and have a leftovers-sandwich after the chaos of shopping.

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Set a Budget
When you’re amongst the almost meth-like-high shoppers, it’ll be hard to resist buying things you don’t need. So it’s important to set a budget before you go. And only spend money you HAVE! Nothing ruins the holidays like incarceration.

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Plan Your Route
Black Friday shopping can be a little trickier to plan than just proximity. Check what time your “door buster” sales are happening at each store and try to find the most fuel efficient route. Usually sales that are scheduled for all day will be items that are not expected to sell out as fast. Door buster sales are the first to run out, so be prepared to run.

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Scour The Ads offers a comprehensive guide to all of the major chains offering Black Friday deals. You can go green and view the ads digitally. Some of the ads even have direct links to the product page so you can create your own shopping list complete with Universal Product Codes (UPCs) and item numbers to ask a sales associate, “Are there any left in the back?!” The website is updated frequently so check back closer to Black Friday to check out the new offers.

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Stack Your Deals
Just because it’s Black Friday doesn’t mean all coupons are off the table. Some of you may not know that coupons are sometimes stack-able on sales, and by stack-able I mean that you can use a brand coupon, a store coupon, and the sale going on in the store! Check out the coupon app Cartwheel for Target to score some extra deals. Loyalty store cards are also a great way to save. Some stores will even price match their competitors. Bring in a full ad from a competitor with a valid date and see if the store will price match.

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Cyber Monday
Skip the lines of Black Friday and save on awesome electronics deals online the following Monday. Cyber Monday originally started with just electronics, but many clothing brands have jumped on the opportunity for a mid-season closeout as well. Some stores that are already advertising their sales are: Express, Nike, and Nordstrom. If your favorite brand isn’t offering any sales, they may at least have free shipping; it’s always worth checking!

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Price Adjustments
Although this strategy isn’t in the spirit of the “holiday,” price adjustments are one of the easiest ways to score Black Friday deals without the stress of waiting in long lines. Many stores will allow you to bring in a receipt and get a price adjustment for items that have gone on sale (check return policies per store before making your purchase). Black Friday is considered a sale, so as of now, there is no policy in place to stop you from buying your goods the week before and going in on Black Friday to score the discounts without the stress. Stores that definitely honor the price adjustments on Black Friday are Target and Urban Outfitters.

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Black Friday can be a scary occasion but we know you’ll do well, Broncos! Tell us all about your Black Friday adventures using the hashtag, #CampusCropChat on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Good luck out there!