Embracing Your Insecurities

Embracing Your Insecurities

It’s an unavoidable, reoccurring theme in our lives: insecurity.

  1. uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.
    “she had a deep sense of insecurity”
    synonyms: lack of confidence, self doubt, unassertiveness, timidity;

There’s always that one thing that you just really don’t like about yourself. But instead of dwelling on what you don’t like about yourself, maybe it’s time to practice some self love.

Kendrick Lamar saying "I love myself"

As human beings, we all grow up hearing that “no one is perfect.” However, we also grow up learning what is “acceptable;” especially about what is acceptable for your appearance. Even *perfect* celebrities are not immune to insecurities. That’s right, Jessica Alba, Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper have all publicly discussed their own insecurities.

For me, my eyebrows are my biggest insecurity and they have been since I knew what eyebrows were. Being Portuguese, thick brows just come with the territory. Growing up, kids constantly teased and bullied me for the two fuzzy, caterpillar-like ellipses that rest above my eyes.

But this is no sob-story people! I’ve learned to embrace these bold brows of mine and learned to rock what I’ve got. Now, I even get compliments about them! I’ve had people judge me solely by my eyebrows and not my character, but that’s their problem. Remember, if anyone judges you about your insecurity, it has no reflection on you; it’s because they’re insecure and need to make themselves feel better.

The people that are judging are called “haters” and there’s no escaping them. But in the wise words of a young woman named Taylor Swift, “the haters gonna hate, hate, hate” no matter what. Shake it off and move on, and keep on being you!
Taylor Swift music video saying "haters gonna hate hate hate"

Embracing insecurities, no matter what they are, can be a lot harder than it sounds. It can take a long time; it has for me. But what you need to understand is that there’s more to you than that one thing you just don’t like about yourself.

How do you learn to love your insecurities? Here’s a few tips:

1.Forget the haters (mentioned above) and surround yourself with people who love you!
The haters only want to bring you down, but the people who love you want to raise you up! Don’t listen to the negativity, especially when you have an awesome support system behind you.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others
This can be hard. But let’s appreciate that we’re not all the same. The world is made up of a bunch of different people with a bunch of different qualities, and that’s awesome! And you know what? You’re awesome!

3. Remember, you’re more than your insecurity
There’s a lot of things that make you-you! Remember when Bruno Mars said “you’re amazing just the way you are?” Well, he wasn’t lying.

4. Watch this video
You won’t be disappointed.

Love yourself, love your insecurities. You’re you for a reason. Embrace it!

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