Who Are You Calling Basic?

Who Are You Calling Basic?

I have a confession: I like going to brunch. Yes, it’s true; I enjoy bottomless mimosas and strawberry topped waffles. I also enjoy wearing my NorthFace jacket, paired with my favorite pair of yoga pants. I know- it’s mindblowing that I like to be warm and comfortable simultaneously. Here’s the real zinger though— I’m also a big fan of the Pumpkin Spice Latte -and all seasonal coffee beverages for that matter!

Because I enjoy these things, it has come to my attention that I am considered to be a “basic b****.”
A boy in sunglasses whispering "you're basic"

This is not a new term, but for some reason it has exploded into its own culture of shaming people—mostly women (surprise, surprise), who enjoy stereotypical “white girl” things. With the popularity of this word, there are three obvious problems that need to be addressed:

1.) It targets women.
Picture in your mind what a “basic” person looks like. There’s a good chance that you are visualizing someone who is female. Why? Because the things that a “basic” person enjoys are generally characterized as things that women enjoy. Yoga pants, Ugg boots and glitter are mostly associated with women. Additionally, the media has embraced the theme of “#basic,” which in turn has made people think it is an acceptable term (it’s not).

2.) You’re making fun of someone because they enjoy certain things.
Regardless of your interests, it’s not okay (and never has been) to make someone feel less than just because their interests are different from yours. You may think that pressed juices are unnecessary and silly, but some people enjoy them. Does their enjoyment effect you in any way? No, so get over it.

3.) You’re calling someone a b****, which is already insulting in itself.
This is giving you just another excuse to call someone the b-word, and that’s not cool. If the only thing this person is doing is drinking a latte, do they really deserve to be called a b**** in any form? Nope.

Think about it the next time you have the urge to call someone “basic.” People are multi-faceted beings, and there is much more to a person than their enjoyment of frozen yogurt (plus, who doesn’t like froyo anyways?!).

To all of my fellow “basics” out there: don’t let people define you because of your love for some occasional Spice Girls karaoke or your infinite love for acai bowls (because those are delicious). More importantly, don’t let people call you a b**** because you don’t deserve that.

I will continue wearing what I like and doing the things that I enjoy, because if liking brunch is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. *sips mimosa*

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