The Buried Life at Cal Poly Pomona

The Buried Life at Cal Poly Pomona

Bonnie Paresa interviewing David and Duncan from the Buried Life

Many of us have bucket lists of some type. They can be long or short and range from “ending world hunger” to “go bungee jumping.”

After impressing MTV producers by crashing the 2007 VMA’s (an item on their bucket list) dressed in women’s suits, the four friends of MTV’s The Buried Life are back to helping others cross off items from their bucket lists, with some help from travel agency, Contiki.

To kick off their promotion of this new project, bucket list experts Duncan Penn and Dave Lingwood from MTV’s The Buried Life visited Cal Poly Pomona on September 26 to ask students one thought provoking question: “What do you want to do before you die?”

Throughout the years, they have been able to visit the White House and play basketball with President Obama, meet Oprah, and break into the Playboy Mansion dressed up as Oompa Loompa’s.

What started out as a two week vacation from college, turned into an eight year journey of four friends crossing off outrageous items from their massive bucket list, while simultaneously helping others do the same.

After their two seasons on MTV, the group moved on to create their own entertainment production company. With this, they have been able to help others pursue their own dreams and aspirations.

Duncan Penn from The Buried LifeBonnie Paresa posing with Buried Life castDavid Lingwood from The Buried Life

Their message is clear and simple: follow your dreams.

I was given the chance to interview both Penn and Lingwood and ask them about their experiences, lives and their bucket lists. I must say, this is definitely an interview to cross off of my bucket list!

Check out their candid and hilarious answers below:

Favorite moments throughout the show:
Duncan Penn: One time we were at an airport in Denver. All in one hour we got calls saying that we were going to the White House and that we were going to see Oprah. That was a really good moment.
Dave Lingwood: Losing my virginity.

How did you grow as people through this expereince:
Penn: This experience has been very humbling for us, I think. The whole time it has amazed us how the question, “What do you want to do before you die?” resonates with people and how people relate to it. There’s this interesting thing that happens when we ask people that question and they will say something really quickly like “I want to go sky diving,” and then they’ll leave and come back and say “I said sky diving, but the real thing I want to do is go back to school; I want to go learn how to cook—that’s my real dream.” So that part of this whole thing has been pretty amazing.

Do you get starstruck?
Lingwood: I don’t. I think I would under the right context, like if I met Hugh Hefner, I would get starstruck for sure. And I would also hug him and cry.
Penn: If I met Bob Dylan in his hay day or something, then yeah. But I guess I wouldn’t want to meet him because you’re not supposed to meet your heroes, right?

What is still on your bucket list?
Lingwood: Dance on Ellen!
Penn: To go to space, reduce the suicide rate in North American teens by 1%
Penn: We’ve worked closely with an organization called To Write Love on Her Arms. So, just to work with them and to send positive messages.

How do you feel when you get to help others cross things off of their bucketlist?
Penn: It’s always been very powerful. The ones that really stick with us are the ones that we actually get to help people and we’ve always stayed in touch with the people that we’ve helped, and just watching them grow and remain friends with them has always been really powerful for us.
Lingwood: It gives me Happy Feet!

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this right now?
Penn: I think I would be a super hero that solves crimes and uses my powers for good.
Lingwood: I would probably be running around and jumping off of things.

What advice do you have for student or young people who want to pursue their dreams even if their dreams seem unconventional?
Penn: Make sure you’re ready, make sure it’s the right dream, take your time with it and always be protected.
Lingwood: I would say that life is short but it can also be very long, and it’s so worth it to try and not give up on your dreams if it’s something that you really, really want to do. You can always go back to the safe route if you don’t want to. I say just go for it and just taking that first step and going for it.

You went to jail for streaking at a soccer game, have you experienced any other repercussions from your bucket list excursions:
Lingwood: Ben got a lifetime ban from Universal Studios. He snuck in as a mail man; I bought him a US Postal Service costume. Apparently it’s a federal offense. We visit him and send him fan mail from time to time (jokingly).

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