Hot Dog Caper 2014

Hot Dog Caper 2014


Students handing out hotdogs

Students waiting in line for hot dogs outside

Ah, fall: A time where the seasons change, a time where you can see your friends after a long summer, a time where anything can happen. But most of all, it’s the return of the long awaited Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) Hot Dog Caper.

That’s right Broncos, the wait is over! Hot Dog Caper is back and is celebrating its 31st year. This free event hosted by Cal Poly Pomona Foundation Inc., is open to all CPP students, faculty and staff-so don’t miss out!

Make sure to be on campus on Thursday, October 2, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at University Park for FREE hot dogs (and veggie dogs), chips, Pepsi products and ice cream! Plus, there will be entertainment, games, prizes and more!

What better way to celebrate our homecoming back to our beloved university than with the smoky smell of hot dogs in the air? There is no better way.

New to the whole Hot Dog Caper phenomenon? Here’s a few tips so you can thoroughly enjoy this experience:

1) Understand it

Not only is the Hot Dog Caper a safe haven for broke college students everywhere, it’s a time where you can really see the whole campus community bond over something we all love—FREE FOOD.

2) Come hungry

A word of advice, don’t eat a big breakfast. You’ll thank me later. When you see all of that glorious free food, you might freak out. Remember to pace yourself for optimum hot dog consumption.

3) Enjoy it

This is a once a year tradition. Get a group of friends together and relish the moment! It’s an awesome time to hang out and enjoy how awesome our school is!

Semi-Pro tip: While there will be plenty of condiments to go around, avoid the long lines by bringing your own bottle of ketchup, mustard and any other hot dog topping you may prefer.

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