You Know You’re a CPP Student When…

You Know You’re a CPP Student When…

Two students pose with the Billy Bronco mascot
School pride is something we don’t take very lightly here, at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP). With the amazing students, faculty and staff (and not to mention our beautiful campus), why wouldn’t CPP be our top college?

Our school has many unique things about it that only its students would really know about and understand. With that being said, you know you’re a CPP student when…Students line up to eat at the food truck, the Poly Trolley

You know exactly what your friends mean when they tell you they’re sitting at the pancakes.
Pancakes definitely aren’t just a breakfast food on our campus (though it is our favorite, am I right? Denny’s anyone..?). Nope, the pancakes at CPP are part of the University Quad! Catch other students passing by on their way to class, sitting with friends and studying or just relaxing between classes at the Pancakes!Seven ASI employees pose under the lights at the event, Rock the Commons

You don’t even want to look at the roses out of fear for that expensive fine. 
Surely your orientation leaders warned you to never pick a flower from the university rose garden. Sometimes, you hear the fine is $500 and other times, it’s a whopping $1000. Whatever the true price is, all we know is that there is no way we ever want to be fined for picking a flower here!

You have Poly Trolley twitter notifications turned on so you know exactly where your lunch is at all times.As hardworking college students, it’s practically a given that we are hungry at all times. Our stomachs are black holes and thankfully, we have the Poly Trolley to take care of that. The next time you’re hungry, just follow the trolley around as they tweet their locations!

You can brag about your school having a tree house, a caiman and a hotel!
You heard it right! Our tree house is located behind Building 1, the caiman can be found in our BioTrek in Building 4 and the hotel is right here on campus! This almost makes Cal Poly Pomona sound like a getaway, don’t you think, Broncos?

You can say your campus is home to the tallest university climbing wall in the west.
At 53 feet, our Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC) houses the tallest climbing wall at a western university. Take a look at the new complex here. Think you can take it on? Come out and see if you can at Break In the BRIC at BroncoFusion this Friday, September 26!

You’re actually excited about going back to school because of BroncoFusion.
Every year, Cal Poly Pomona gives its students the best back-to-school present: a fall concert otherwise known as BroncoFusion. This year, performers include Young & SickDJ Joe Kay and hip-hop headliner, Chance the Rapper! With the student celebration of the BRIC, this year’s BroncoFusion is going down in history!

Are there any CPP exclusive things you value as a student that you’d like to share with us, too? Use the hashtag #CampusCropChat on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and tell us all about it!