I’ve Got 99 Problems and They’re All First World

I’ve Got 99 Problems and They’re All First World

A collage of Kim Kardashian ugly crying

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More often than not, our “problems” aren’t exactly problems at all. But like any true American, we’re going to share our complaints online for others to comment and relate to every little annoyance in our lives. The struggle is real—so real that there is a hashtag that sarcastically sums it all up: #firstworldproblems. While our “problems” seem benign, we still look for empathy from our social media audience, longing for someone else to say, “I hate when that happens.” Here are some of the most common first world problems we’ve all faced. Just remember, we can all get through these together!

Kris Kardashian says, "I don't have any cell service here, and it's making me have a rash."

Having really bad cell service. We are the generation with phones glued to our hands. Forget the bae, our cellular reception comes number one in our lives. How else are we going to keep in touch with the world? Talking to each other in person? I think not!

Having to get up earlier than noon. As college students, we tend to forget that someday in the unfortunately near future, we’ll be waking up at 5 a.m. everyday (including summer, yikes). But until then, any time before noon? Forget it.

Scott Disick says, "I'm not gonna go eat at a restaurant like a peasant."

Trying to figure out where to eat. You’re with a group of friends, ready to go out to lunch. What started with the simple question, “Where do you want to eat?” somehow becomes a yelling match over who wants what and who has to choose. Talk about bonding over food…

Drinking room temperature water. California is going through a severe drought and there are people in other countries that walk miles just for a pail of water. Room temperature water will hardly kill us, but we like to act like it will.

A man says, "The horror..." in disgust

Finding pickles in your burger when you specifically asked for none. How dare that poor overworked minimum wage employee forget my dislike for pickles? Now I’ll taste it on my cheese. My day is ruined.

Having a server who never refills your water. You’re eating your steak and your mouth is dry. You spend the next 10 minutes with your head peeking over your booth seat like a weasel, scanning the restaurant for your server and swearing he’s not getting a tip.

A woman looks at her huge closet and says, "Okay, so I have nothing to wear."

Having “nothing” to wear. “Hmmm, should I wear this? No, I don’t have shoes that will match it. Oh, maybe this top? Wait, I wore this to lunch last week; someone will notice. This is kind of cool… what am I saying? Why did I even buy this? Okay, this was not worth the $20. What in the world is this? I hate this color. Oh dear, this is hideous. I have nothing to wear! Ugh, I’ll just wear what I wore two days ago. No one saw me in this outfit. They’ll never know. Okay.”

First world problems… irritatingly obnoxious, insanely relatable.

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