National Library Week

National Library Week

U-Rock during National Library Week

The Cal Poly Pomona community celebrated National Library Week (NLW) from Monday, April 11 to Friday, April 15 at the University Library. The week-long festivity offered numerous productive events that opened its doors to any willing student.

BEAT helped sponsor the event as a way to help promote awareness of the benefits and opportunities the library has to offer. The events ranged from simple academic workshops, such as the “Thesis/Project Formatting” workshop to the more entertaining events such as the fashion show starring AMM students, and the salsa dancing -– reaching students of all walks.

“It was a great event since I am always at the library,” fifth-year biotechnology major, Harrison Nguyen said. “I had no clue that the library offered events like these.”

If that wasn’t enough, NLW also featured a live performance by pianist/vocalist Richard Schmieg and Chad Smith of the five-piece group Goodbye Luna — a piano-driven indie rock band with a unique and fresh sound.

“It was nice with lots of people to hear us,” front man and vocalist Schmieg said.

NLW aimed to gather student expression. The event had setup an open “discussion” board in the center of the courtyard asking student’s about the effectiveness and concerns that the student body has with the library as well as a campaign of your relationship with the library called “Create Your Own Story”.

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