Ink is Permanent, Not Perception

Ink is Permanent, Not Perception


No tough biker dude or rugged rock star is complete without ink, right? And only the reckless type has tats, right? Wrong. At least, that’s what photographer Stephanie Lim hopes to combat in her tattoo art exhibit titled “It’s all just cartoons and drawings,” located in the Bronco Student Center.

Lim’s exhibit displays some of her friends, friends of friends and random strangers she has captured on camera; exposing only their body part that contains their tattoo. Lim explained that she wanted the focus of each photo to be on the tattoo, and not of the person.

“I want people to know that they don’t have to be rugged to have a tattoo and having a tattoo is not something by which someone should be stereotyped,” Lim said.

Lim spent four months compiling her photos for the exhibit and of all the pieces, her favorite is that of the Misfits grim weeper, located on the side of a man’s rib cage.

“This guy likes the Misfits is an avid music lover,” Lim said as she explains the photo of the tattoo.

While Lim spent months capturing the art of other people’s tattoos, Lim has yet to commit to her own ink.

“I’m afraid of needles!” Lim said. “But if I had to get one, I would want the word ‘Ocean’ on my wrist or neck. [Ocean] represents the memories of my father. I would go to the ocean to relieve stress…it’s my serenity.”

To view Lim’s exhibit, stop by the Bronco Exhibit Gallery, located in the BSC (bldg. 35). For more information on the Bronco Exhibit Gallery, visit