Intramural Championship Tournament: Game On!

Intramural Championship Tournament: Game On!

Intramural Champions

It was week ten of winter quarter and you could feel the tension in the air. The sound of shuffling feet and cheering filled Darlene May and Kellogg Gym. Ladies and gentlemen, it was time for the ultimate showdown: Intramural Championships. Scores of athletes battled it out for six long weeks in hopes of becoming the victorious team and snagging the prized Intramural t-shirts and trophy. This was more than just basketball or volleyball; it was about bragging rights for the rest of the year!

Campus Recreation’s Intramural sports program is designed for the Cal Poly Pomona community to compete and have fun playing various sports such as volleyball, basketball, flag football, softball and many more. This winter, Campus Rec hosted the volleyball championships in Darlene May Gym on the evening of Tuesday, March 8 and the basketball championships in Kellogg Gym on Wednesday, March 9 through Thursday, March 10.

Andrew Reddish, the Campus Rec graduate assistant was very pleased with the turnout this quarter, especially since he got to see a lot of new faces.

“It was good to see a new team, Team Armenian, in the championships. They had an impressive fan base and it was cool to see them get involved. Volleyball went great as well. We had awesome officials at the game that made sure everything ran smoothly,” Reddish said.

The game he referred to was the epic face-off between Point Blank Period (yes, that was the name of the team) and Team Armenian on Thursday night for the Men’s basketball championships. Team Armenian, proudly comprised of all Armenian members from CPP’s Armenian Student Association, brought their entire fan base to Kellogg Gym that night. The fans were going nuts in the stands as this game came to a climactic close. Team Armenia, whose team members are all first-time Intramural competitors, emerged as the champions that night. After their win, they thanked Campus Rec for giving them the opportunity to get out of their rooms, stay in shape and play some ball with good friends.

Candace Cleverly also commented on the benefits of the program. She has personally been involved in the program as an official and a player. She now works for Campus Rec as the Office Supervisor.

“For participants, it’s a way to stay active and healthy—it’s fun and competitive. For fans, it’s a great way to support friends and get into the game. For officials, well, it’s just a great way to make money and work on campus…all of the officials really seem to enjoy their job,” Cleverly said.

So there you have it…Campus Rec and the Winter Championships in a nutshell. Next time you’re thinking about getting involved in a fun on campus activity that helps you stay in shape, look no further than ASI’s Campus Rec Program. It’s not too late to get involved.

Keep your blood pumping in the spring with sports like soccer, basketball and co-rec flag football! You can sign up for Intramurals by the third week of the quarter at ASI’s Campus Rec office. For more information, please visit

See you out on the field!

List of Winning Teams from Winter Championships

Open League–-More Value Pack
Women’s-– Eliminators

Women’s— Blackout
IHC— Vista Bonita Sol
Co-Rec— Show Stoppers
Men’s— Team Armenia