ASI BEAT Dares You to Take the #CPP10daychallenge

ASI BEAT Dares You to Take the #CPP10daychallenge


Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) Bronco and Events Activities Team (BEAT) is bringing Andy Stoll, a motivational traveler, on campus Thursday, April 17 from 6-9 p.m. in the Bronco Student Center (BSC) Ursa Major AB (Bldg. 35-2611). Stoll is expected to tell a story that will inspire you to follow your dreams.


But how about start chasing your dreams now! BEAT invites you to explore new horizons and take their #CPP10daychallenge. With the 10 day challenge, BEAT dares you to try new things, strive toward your goals, cross off items on your bucket list and push yourself to the limits—Make the most of every opportunity. Accepting the #CPP10daychallenge will assist you in making the most of your college experience here at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP).


The challenges could be as simple as posting a photo of your favorite place on campus, food you’d like to try one day, your dream vacation destination or sharing one of your CPP experiences.


It doesn’t matter how big or small, ASI BEAT just wants you to realize that the first step in following your dreams is to go new places and try new things. Start your own adventure and take part in the challenge.


For more information and to participate in the #CPP10daychallenge,  visit the Andy Stoll Event Page. Don’t forget to follow ASI BEAT on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@asibeat). The challenge begins on Tuesday, April 10.