Homecoming: Fire & Ice and Everything Nice – Part One

Homecoming: Fire & Ice and Everything Nice – Part One


Friday, Feb. 7 had me proclaiming “T.G.I.F.” –Thank Goodness Its [time for] Fire & Ice Celebration! And oh man am I happy I attended! Friday’s Homecoming festivities were dubbed the Fire & Ice Celebration because of the key attractions brought to the Bronco Commons. When walking to the event from Denny’s and Vista Market, you made your way through the club booths, which offered a variety of foods and games. The crowds were immense with fun and excitement. Set up on stage was a DJ spinning the track and filling the cool night air with electrifying jams.

The Fire & Ice Celebration had many attractions to offer, one being the slippery ice skating rink, where spectators enjoyed a fantastic display of bum-crashing skaters attempting to keep their balance. If hitting the ice wasn’t your forte, you could walk, jump or play in the 10 ton pile of snow brought in for the celebration. Snow enthusiasts built adorable (almost) microscopic snowmen that watched over the event till our SoCal weather withered them away. In between these two attractions lay, arguably, the most popular station of the night: the flip-book photo booth. What is a flip-book photo booth, you ask? Well, it gives you and your photo-buddies a seven second chance to photo document your motion picture dreams in a compact booklet.

Another intriguing event was the “Through the Decades Fashion Show” that featured current Cal Poly Pomona students and alumni, and their fashion creations. Inspiration was not limited when these designers were crafting these dresses. We saw fashion relative to the early 1920’s and even futuristic alien-like outfits. When the fashion show was over, Mr. & Mrs. Cal Poly Pomona introduced the band, sports representatives and the Japanese club; all of which had an amazing performance for the attendants. When the Pep Rally was coming to an end, they lit the Bonfire which roared to a height that escalated the Bookstore (Bldg. 66) and heated the Bronco Commons much like a typical Cal Poly afternoon. They ironically played songs which incorporated words like “fire” and “burn” to set the mood. This warming close to the night had everyone there looking forward to the next day’s festivities.

Stay tuned for Part Two of Homecoming: Fire & Ice and Everything Nice.