BEAT hosts an Open Mic Café Night

Megan Michelle Bird playing guitar at BEAT's CPP Café Night

Do you like live music? How about our yummy food selection in the Bronco Student Center’s (BSC) Center Court? Get the best of both at this month’s Café Night, hosted by the Bronco Events and Activities Team (BEAT). Enjoy a free acoustic show, which includes scheduled musicians and any volunteer brave enough to jump onstage. BEAT always has a booth with free goodies for those who go to the event, too!

On Tuesday, Jan. 21, on the Starbucks patio, outside of the library, the first musician to play was Megan Benarente, a fifth-year music student specializing in song writing, currently in her last quarter. This talented artist can sing, play guitar, the drums and piano. Megan writes her own music acoustically, typically on her electric guitar and she is currently working on writing her first album. Check out her works on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Facebook; also follow MeganMichelleBird on Twitter and Instagram.

The next performer was Jeff Berman of Divided Heaven. Originally from New York, this solo artist traveled to Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) from Los Angeles, and played covers and songs he wrote from his album “A Rival City.” Berman started his band in 2009 and is in the process of releasing his new album “Young Blood” on March 25. You can find his music on Spotify by searching Divided Heaven, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and

An awesome perk of Café Night is the open mic opportunity, where passer-bys, on-lookers and the attendees have the chance to speak up and perform any talent they may have. We had a brave and wonderful poet, Marc Abraham, share two of this poems with us at Café Night. One “Untitled” and one entitled “Black and White.”

If you missed out on this Café Night, next show is Tuesday, Feb. 4, in Center Court located in the BSC.

For more information visit or phone (909) 869-4455.