The Main Ingredient…No, This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Family Recipe

The Main Ingredient…No, This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Family Recipe

The Main Ingredient

The Main Ingredient (MI) is the source for your campus hip hop fix. Students and local dancers from all around the area came out to enjoy a night session of dancing, turntables and open mic’s in the BSC’s Games Room on Thursday, Feb. 10.

The event aims to bring hip hop back to its foundations by incorporating the four pillars of hip hop under one roof: MC’s, b-boys, DJ’s and artists. MI provides those who participate with the opportunity to work together as a community to run the session in a collective free flowing way.

“It’s a place to learn,” said Rodrigo Cendeno, BEAT co-concert chair and MI coordinator. “It’s a place for anyone to see the arts associated with hip hop.”

Participants in attendance included many local b-boy legends, student artists and even underground MC Keith Morgan II., known as rapper alias “Els3vn.”

“It’s great to see people who appreciate hip pop,” Morgan said. “I enjoy the vibe that I get from the whole event.”

Local b-boy legends in attendance at MI included, Jerel Luna, also known as “Burnz,” and Nathan Dominguez, also known as “Natesick.”

“[MI] has a great environment, good flooring and good lighting, but overall is the most convenient for us,” Dominguez said.

Many of the dancers that attend MI, including Luna and Dominguez, are members of an all-star squad consisting of b-boys from several local teams. They will represent Cal Poly Pomona in a local college battle called “School Is For Fools.” The team is expected to continue its sessions with hopes to topple last year’s champion, the University of California San Diego (UCSD).

The next MI will be held on Thursday, Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. and is expected to be bigger and better due to the word spreading of its growing popularity by MI dancers and MC’s. For more information regarding the Main Ingredient, contact Rodrigo Cedeño at