2017 ASI Elections Candidates

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Make your voice heard and cast your vote for your 2017-2018 ASI Student Government!

Voting starts on Monday, May 15 at midnight and ends on Thursday, May 18 at 11:59 p.m.

To vote, a unique link will be sent to your University email address (@cpp.edu). Once you have submitted your vote, the link will expire. If you are experiencing technical issues, please contact the ASI Elections Chair at asielections@cpp.edu.

An asterisk (*) indicates that this candidate has signed the voluntary clean campaign pledge.

Presidents and Vice PresidentSenatorsSenators At Large

President and Vice President

Joshua Ebiner headshot

Joshua Ebiner*

ASI President
My name is Joshua Ebiner. I am a fourth-year Political Science and Philosophy major, and I am running to be your next ASI President. My partner David and I share the conviction that ASI serves two important roles. First, ASI unites and represents our diverse community so that students can share their perspectives, experiences, and ideas. Second, ASI advocates on behalf of students. I aspire to be your ASI President because I am passionate about representing your interests and enhancing your experience at Cal Poly.

If elected, David and I will implement our platform A.S.P.I.R.E. which stands for advocacy, student-centered, progress, involvement, responsiveness, and empowerment. A.S.P.I.R.E builds upon the efforts of previous administrations, adding new perspectives that focus on advocating for students and providing essential services that ensure academic success. It promotes student involvement through innovative approaches. And it includes the pledge to be visible and accessible student leaders. If elected, we will work tirelessly with other student leaders, university administrators, and state legislators to provide you the best experience possible.

I am ready for this commitment. Last year, I served as your Senator Pro Tempore and CLASS Senator which provided a unique perspective on ASI’s operations and services. This past fall, I worked in Washington D.C. as a congressional staff member through the Panetta Institute which taught me how government works and how to use its resources to provide opportunities for students.

You can visit our official campaign page at bit.ly/JDforASI and tell us your opinions at

David Lee headshot

David Lee*

ASI Vice President
Hello fellow Broncos! My name is David Lee, and I am running to serve as your ASI Vice President. I am a senior business administration student double majoring in marketing and finance.

When I first came to Cal Poly Pomona, I lacked direction both in my academic and personal life. It wasn’t until I became involved with student organizations and ASI when I realized the importance of community and mentorship to achieve personal and professional development. Joshua and I both strongly believe that ASI serves to enhance your experience at Cal Poly Pomona and advocate for your interests. If elected, Joshua and I will work tirelessly to ensure we do everything we can to help you succeed. This includes supporting student organizations, advocating for student interests both within and beyond the CSU system and being transparent in our efforts to serve you.

I am fully committed and qualified to become your ASI Vice President. Last year, I served as your ASI Attorney General, where I worked to support student organizations and lobbied with Joshua for student interests. In addition, I led numerous student organizations with the mission of helping my peers succeed. In recognition of our efforts, Joshua and I both received the ASI Leadership Award for outstanding contributions to the organization and the President’s Council Scholar Award for outstanding student achievement and leadership abilities.

You can visit our official campaign page at bit.ly/JDforASI and tell us your opinions at bit.ly/JDasisurvey.

Farris Hamza headshot

Farris Hamza*

ASI President
Hello everyone, my name is Farris Hamza and I am running to be ASI President for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. I am a third year Industrial Engineering major with a minor in Economics and over the past three years I have persisted in serving the CPP campus community. This includes being a part of Inter Hall Council as a programming and activities commissioner and working for ASI as both Secretary of External Affairs and my current role as Secretary of Internal Affairs. Under all of these positions I have gained political experience and an understanding of the structure and goals of both the ASI and CPP administrations.

My plan is to integrate ASI’s activities and goals with those of the University to foster growth and direction for both the students and the administration. I believe ASI needs to bolster student input by engaging President Coley’s cabinet on projects that impact students, such as upgrading outdated facilities and advocating for the safety and values of all student groups.

I also want to minimize the distress caused by the campus’ transition into the semester system and the lack of state funding by working alongside the University in seeking more external donations to ensure our campus begins to see a growth in recognition and technological innovation. In order to tackle all of this and to create an impact, ASI needs to increase CPP’s political presence at both the local and state levels through CSSA and lobbying from our new Governmental Affairs Committee.

Carlos Gomez headshot

Carlos Gomez*

ASI Vice President
Hello! My name is Carlos Gomez and I am running to be your next ASI Vice President! As a third-year Biotechnology major, I am currently involved in ASI in dual capacities as the Science Senator and Senator Pro-Tempore. I serve as chair of the Facilities and Operations Committee, vice-chair of the Senate, Rules and Policies, and Finance Committees, and on the search committee for the next ASI Executive Director. My experience across multiple disciplines of ASI show that we can create an environment where students experience quality services, programs, and facilities, to support their needs in navigating the rigorous environment of higher education.

As semester conversion approaches, I will work toward widespread knowledge of the plans for Fall 2018, maximizing degree completion before that, and understanding how it affects students who will be here for the transition. I will work to resolve the issues clubs and councils face when scheduling spaces for meetings, and working with Financial Services. Additionally, working with the data collected from the BSC/BRIC Condition Assessments will allow us to evaluate how current and future facilities can be optimized to meet the needs of students.

My experiences in programs supporting underrepresented students in STEM push me to advocate for the equity of undergraduate experiences, where every student, regardless of background, has access to resources for their academic, professional, and social development. This is accomplished by persistence in developing relationships with the community and offering impactful programs that engage students both in and out of the classroom.

Thomas Logue headshot

Thomas Logue*

ASI President
Cal Poly Pomona is currently undergoing its strategic planning process and is preparing for the semester conversion which will have a huge impact on students and the campus community. With the different campus and societal changes it is important to ensure that students are properly represented. I have worked for ASI for almost 2 years and have served as the president of a club here on campus. I have experienced first-hand the many different challenges that student leaders of clubs and organizations face. As a student supervisor at ASI Campus Recreation I have implemented the idea of “Learn by Doing” by ensuring that the students I supervise are given opportunities for personal growth and development in ways that will benefit their major. As a student majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in Operations Management I have had great opportunity to learn and collaborate with students from different backgrounds, cultures, and upbringings. As president I intend to ensure that all students, clubs, and organizations are properly represented and plan to ensure that students are successful and able to participate in the endless opportunities our diverse community provides.

Kevin Andrews headshot

Kevin Andrews

ASI Vice President
As the VP of ASI I intend to ensure that our diverse student body is granted many opportunities for involvement and growth for many years to come. As a 4th year Finance, Real Estate, and Business Law major I have been involved in many different campus clubs, have served as an resident advisor for housing, have been greatly involved in Greek life, and am serving in the United States Air Force. The diverse campus community presents many unique opportunities for student involvement, growth, and experience and I intend to ensure that all of these opportunities are available to students. My personal philosophy is that if one opportunity has an impact on a single student, it is successful.





Courtney Yu headshot

Courtney Yu

My name is Courtney Yu. I am a first year International Business student, and I am running for ASI Business Senator. As a first year, I would like to pursue this position because I want to familiarize myself with the student government of Cal Poly while simultaneously getting more involved with the College of Business. Currently, I am a general member for the business fraternity Pi Sigma Epsilon. In my class, I held the position of social chair assistant, providing me with the experience of reaching out to people before our social event. I have surrounded myself with people who constantly interact in a professional environment, giving me an understanding of collaboration in a working atmosphere. In addition, I have created relationships with the executive board of the United Business Student Senate, an essential aspect of working as Business Senator. My goal for Business Senator is to be the voice of the College of Business. I plan to make decisions that will not only be able to benefit the students within my college, but also be able to benefit the student body as a whole. With these strengths behind me, I believe I am a fit candidate for the position of ASI’s Business Senator.

Collins College of Hospitality Management:

Paulina Stein headshot

Paulina Stein*

My name is Paulina Stein and I am a first-year Hospitality Management major at Cal Poly Pomona, and I am very excited to be running for Collins College senator. My goals as Collins College Senator would include showing students that their voice is being heard, giving students a connection to Cal Poly and their major, advocating for my fellow Hospitality majors, and increasing student involvement and bronco spirit.

I am seeking this position because leadership has always been a very important part of my life and I love to get involved. My father was in student government at UCSB and absolutely loved it because it reinforces the connection with other students. My mother, on the other hand, attended CSUN and was not involved in many school activities and regrets it to this day.

My leadership experience includes being President of French Club in high school. I have also been involved in Girl Scouts since the age of 5 and then went on to receive my bronze, silver, and gold award. Going into college, I decided that I really wanted to become even more involved and so far I have achieved my goal. I have become involved with multiple organizations on campus including the Association of Student Event Planners, Chi Omega, and Cal Poly Housing. I am a Programming and Activities Commissioner in Inter-Hall council which is one of the many factors that inspired me to run for Collins College Senator.

Thank you and vote for Paulina!

College of Education and Integrative Studies:


College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences:

Jake Messenger headshot

Jake Messenger*

My name is Jake Messenger. I am a third-year Political Science major, and I am running to be the next C.L.A.S.S. Senator.

I am seeking this office because I believe in the mission of ASI in advocating and representing the student body here at Cal Poly Pomona. I plan to focus on increasing student engagement outside of the classroom on campus through more involvement with student organizations and clubs, as well as continuing the student centered advocacy work of previous administrations. My goal is to build off of the accessibility framework that ASI already has in place and continue on its successes. In addition to this I aim to keep ASI fiscally responsible so that student advocacy and engagement can be maximized.

The College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences is likely the most eclectic College on campus. As a result, it is imperative that the Senator for our College represents all students within it. To accomplish these goals, I intend to have regular meetings with student leaders from various organizations and departments within the College to stay up to date with the needs of all the departments.
Building on the previous success of prior administrations, I believe these goals are achievable. Over Spring Break I was a part of Cal Poly Pomona’s delegation to the Model United Nations conference in New York; the simulation at the conference taught me a great deal about collaboration and working together which I intend to bring to the ASI senate.

Cameron Pastrano headshot

Cameron Pastrano*

Hello fellow CLASS students, my name is Cameron Pastrano; I am a third-year transfer Political Science major. I am asking for your vote in supporting my candidacy for 2017-2018 ASI CLASS Senator. Prior to Cal Poly Pomona, I started my journey at San Jose State University, enthusiastic, motivated and poised to make a change on campus. I joined Hall Association and became an active floor representative promoting diversity and inclusiveness. Later that year I expanded my representative abilities among the Executive Board by filling the vacant Vice President seat. I partook in Resident Hall Association Quorum during meetings as well as served on RHA Programing and Advocacy committee. I was involved in clubs, campus-wide Associated Student programs, cultural clubs fundraisers and Greek philanthropies. I returned home and attended Rio Hondo College as a full time student and focused on transferring to CPP. I set aside time to volunteer for Associated Student events, support theater and arts exhibitions, and endorse cultural representation on campus. Throughout my involvement, I have remained teachable improving my problem solving, negotiation, and decision-making capabilities. Within my community, I have worked on campaigns for local and state candidates, held youth leadership positions within my Church and participated in citywide events. I believe that I am qualified to work on behalf of CLASS students and turn a college of 10 diverse departments into a thriving cohesive community. It is with humility and commitment to you that I ask for your support and vote for ASI CLASS Senator.


Haik Gharapek headshot

Haik Gharapeti*

My name is Haik Gharapeti, I’m a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student running for reelection as Engineering Senator. I’m seeking the position now for the same reason I accepted it months ago, for the students. I believe there’s more the engineering department can do for their students especially during these times before the semester conversion, which can and will hurt the graduation plans for many students in the engineering programs. I also want to make it easier for clubs to communicate with the general engineering body, and especially outreach to oncoming engineering freshman. Unfortunately due to my instatement as Engineering Senator in the latter half of the Winter 2017 quarter, there was no opportunity for my planned cooperation with engineering clubs and ASI to use the auditoriums for introduction events that would expose engineering freshman to all the interesting opportunities/clubs they have on campus. I also emphasize my role as a safe place to bring complaints about the department, without fear of judgement or unjust consequence from faculty. Despite having positions of leadership and management in the past, such as captain of speech and debate or assisting managing a real estate office’s “mission control” hub, I believe my greatest qualification is my will and passion for the engineering students. I see the Engineering Senator position as a tool for the engineering students to speak to staff, not the other way around.

LeQuan Hobson headshot

LeQuan Hobson

My name is LeQuan Hobson and I am a third year Mechanical Engineering student here at Cal Poly Pomona. I am a first generation college student that has chosen engineering as my major due to my love for math and physics. Being a first generation college student, I have been placed upon a minority of students that have been the first in their families to enter a STEM program at a highly accredited school. As a minority on campus, I decided to join many cultural clubs on campus, some pertaining to my major and others not. Among the clubs that I have joined on campus, two of them pertain to the engineering field. I joined and became a member of the executive board of the National Society of Black Engineers where I was taught to balance a budget and plan for events for the club, and the Mechanical Contractors Association of America where I also served on the executive board to further my skills as a leader on campus. Having
gathered experience from holding positions on multiple executive boards, I have planned to run for a senator position with ASI to better bridge the gap between the College of Engineering faculty and the students that they serve. If appointed to the position of College of Engineering Senator, I will work closer with the Engineering Council and the College of Engineering to better meet the requirements of progress for the students on campus.

Environmental Design:

Itzia Salinas headshot

Itzia Salinas

Hello, my name is Itzia Salinas and I am a second year Architecture major as well as a Fashion Merchandising minor. I am declaring my candidacy for Senator of the College of Environmental Design. I chose to run for the position because I believe that I can be an adequate representative of the college in ASI. If I were to be Senator, I will make decisions that would benefit the college and ASI as a whole.

One of the main components of my platform is to create a support system for the students of Environmental Design and create a more cohesive atmosphere between all the majors. As Senator, I would forge a deeper relationship between ASI and the college to emphasis the opportunities provided. I will work directly between the students and ASI, acting as your personal advocate. It has become aware to me that some students do not know much about ASI, or their duties, and I will notify you of what ASI does and how it can enhance their college career.

As a senator, I will work to keep a balanced budget that helps the students to work efficiently. As we all know, all of the majors in the college of Environmental Design spend large amounts of money for projects and other school related work and I will work everyday to help every student find more economical sources.


Isaiah Durden headshot

Isaiah Durden

My name is Isaiah Durden and I am a third year Geology Major seeking the position of Science Senator. I have been heavily involved in serving students through my work at campus rec and being president of one of the largest science clubs on campus. Through the experience I have gained interacting with many student leaders, staff, and faculty, I would like to use this knowledge to serve YOU. The college of science needs to have strong representation and a good listener to take prompt action to issues that arise in our departments. My goal is to act as a liaison between the college of science students and ASI, as well as assist clubs and organizations when their help is needed.


Greek Council:

Noah Tonies headshot

Noah Tonies*

My name is Noah Tonies, I’m a second-year Aerospace Engineering student and I’m running for the ASI Greek Senator Position.

I first got involved in Greek life when I became an active member of Phi Kappa Tau in the spring quarter of 2016. Since then I served briefly as the Greek Council representative for my chapter before I was appointed onto the Executive board of the Interfraternity Council as the Vice President of Expansion and was chosen to be my chapter’s Scholarship Chairman.

As the first VP of Expansion for any of the Greek sub-councils, I was given the task of creating a process that would enable any sub-council to expand and add other Greek chapters. This required that I not only examined other schools’ expansion policies, but also analyze Greek life on our campus and tweak the process to accommodate our campus. By the end of it, I was much more educated on how Greek life functions on our campus.

I believe that Greek life on our campus is especially unique. I had never met such determined individuals that were so relentless in pursuing their goals before becoming involved. I’ve seen firsthand how inaccurate the stereotype is for Greek affiliated students.

My main goal as Greek Senator is to serve as direct channel of communication between ASI and the Greek community while also promoting while also representing Greek life in a positive light. I hope you will give me the privilege to serve as your ASI Greek Senator.

Inter-Hall Council:

Pasindu Senaratne headshot

Pasindu Senaratne*

Hi, my names Pasindu Senaratne, and I am running for the position of IHC Senator at Large. I am applying for this position because I want to grow as a Leader and create a sense of community on campus, while increasing school spirit through campus involvement. After being involved with IHC my first year, I enjoyed making new friends and growing as a leader. I wish to continue developing my leadership and community-building skills in this position. My qualification include being involved in IHC as Aliso’s Senator, and having recently accepted a position as an Assistant Chair for Welcome Week’s leadership team. I want to continue growing as a leader and making an impact on the CPP community just as my peers have done for me.

Multicultural Council:

Philicia Jenkins headshot

Philica Jenkins*

I am currently running as a senator at the Multicultural Community Center, so I can become the voice of students with different backgrounds and culture. What I like about this community is that it has come together to embrace differences and enhance relationship with others. Also, this community wants to create a visual transformation across all campus life.

My qualifications: Currently, I’m a part of the 2016-2017 Diversity Ambassador cohort. As an ambassador, I understand the importance of building a legacy and create a foundation of resources to assist in the building of the organization. I also work for the Poly Transfer office that assists students in making a smooth transition from community college to university. In this role, I attend meetings on campus, where I speak on behalf of the transfer students and their needs. Lastly, I also work for the Veterans Resource Center on behalf of the Business Department. In the position, I’m a liaison for veteran student in providing the resource to assist in taking care of their Cal Poly business with the US government. Within a year time, I have reached three strong community service positions that assist students in utilizing and broadening their Cal Poly experience.

My goals for the position to create and develop services that builds the multi- cultural community, assist in establishing better visual events of the culture center, and organize workshops to educate the Cal Poly Community in the heritage of the cultural community.

Elizabeth Marquez headshot

Elizabeth Marquez*

Hi all, my name Elizabeth Marquez and I am a 4th year majoring in General Biology with an interdisciplinary minor in Physiology. I am seeking to represent you as an ASI student leader running for the position of Multicultural Council (MCC) Senator. As MCC senator I look forward to increase visibility of both the clubs/organizations that fall under MCC and MCC itself. I also look forward to increasing MCC’s network by collaborating with other organizations councils outside of MCC. I am the proud daughter of two Mexican immigrants who migrated to the United States to give my family the best opportunity to succeed. I enjoy being actively involved on campus and within the community promoting diversity and higher education throughout local underrepresented communities. My experience includes, serving as President of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. (LTA). LTA is an academic, cultural, and philanthropic sorority on campus. As president I was given the opportunity to network with multiple organizations that fall under MCC as well as co-host a conference with the Cesar E. Chavez Center for Higher Education, motivating parents within low-income communities to support their children on the path to higher education. A goal I have for MCC is encourage more outdoor events in order increase campus exposer to the diversity of our campus. As MCC senator I look forward to accurately voice the needs of the MCC and organizations that fall under MCC in order to allow ASI to better serve the campus community.

Vote Elizabeth Marquez for Multicultural Council (MCC) Senator.

Student Interest Council:

Rachel Hunter headshot

Rachel Hunter

My name is Rachel Hunter and I am running for ASI Senator At-Large for SIC. My passion and major is Political Science and this is my first year pursuing it. As a freshmen, I’ve been seeking opportunities to get more involved in my academic environment, as I have in the past. My experiences include several years in Jr. Air force Reserve Officer Training Corps as a Flight Commander and a member of the Associated Student Body in my high-school. The experiences these organizations have left me with have inspired me to get involved in my college environment as well. I am highly motivated to positively impact this campus and appreciate any chance I am given to do so.